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GOP Leaders: 'If You Hate Your Job, You Have To Keep It'

By The Reverend Published: February 6, 2014

From the 2nd in command in the House that Tea built....Mr. Eric Cantor....

Under Obamacare, millions of hardworking Americans will lose their jobs and those who keep them will see their hours and wages reduced.

From the guy in charge of the Tea House....Mr. John Boehner...

"Pres. Obama’s #hcr law expected to destroy 2.3 million jobs"

Meanwhile, over in the congressional chamber Republicans hope to remodel into a Tea Senate after this November's midterm election, we find the likes of Mitch McConnell and Chuck (pull the plug on grandma) Grassley saying that the new CBO report on Obamacare explains how the healthcare law will "cut" or "destroy" 2 million U.S. jobs.

What the CBO report actually estimates is that under Obamacare 2.3 million Americans who are now enslaved to a job because they can't afford to leave the health coverage that the job includes, may leave those hated jobs over the next 7 years. That amounts to a little over 300,000 American workers per year.

The jobs these Americans would be leaving would most likely be replaced by new workers....and many of those leaving the jobs they have wanted to leave for awhile will take other jobs, start businesses, or get retrained.

What the CBO did not report is that 2.3 million jobs would be "destroyed" or "lost." For that to be accurate, the CBO would have had to project in their report that, because of the ACA, employers would eliminate 2.3 million jobs. The CBO did not report any such thing.

Republican leaders like Boehner, Cantor and McConnell know that the CBO did not report that the ACA would cause employers to eliminate 2.3 million jobs over the next 7 years. And so, when they claim otherwise, they know they are purposely distorting the truth...purposely lying. With that purposeful lying and distortion, the GOP has created out of whole cloth a brand new false conspiracy to broadcast like a virus over their propaganda media outlets.

And so it goes. In an earlier blog I explained the "strategy" of the GOP leading up to this fall's midterms. Republicans have telegraphed to American voters that they have no intention of doing ANYTHING this year other than battering the now-implemented Obamacare. No immigration reform because that might create a diversion that would take their focus off of Obamacare. No minimum wage legislation because.....same reason...and so forth.

That is what one might call "putting all your eggs in one basket".....but it is what it is and Republicans have not been trying to hide what it is they are up to.

But let's examine what Republican leaders, falsely riffing off the CBO report, are really advocating. Apparently, Republicans are not in favor of 300,000+ Americans being equipped to leave jobs they hate but are chained to because of health coverage benefits. That must mean that Republicans favor a form of job enslavement in our free country.

I personally know people who are only holding on to their jobs because of the health care benefits those jobs offer. Republicans, by lying about the CBO report, are communicating to millions of Americans now enslaved to a hated job that they prefer employees remain in those hated jobs rather than being set free through Obamacare to, you know, pursue their own happiness. The GOP claims it is the party of liberty and freedom.

This boldfaced distortion of the CBO report is typical of what to expect from the GOP ALL YEAR. Think about the wider strategy at work here. While millions of Americans have signed on to health insurance as provided in the ACA.....while millions of Americans are freed through the ACA from the fear of losing their homes and possessions should they fall ill.......while millions of Americans are breathing a sigh of relief because now their pre-existing medical conditions cannot be used against them in denying health coverage.....while hundreds of thousands of Americans will be able to leave jobs they hate because of new choices made possible by the ACA......Republicans are looking for every opportunity to distort and lie about the ACA in a pitiful, wishful-thinking effort to maintain control of the House and win the Senate this fall.

Which all means that there will be plenty of good old blog fun to be had all of 2014.

Fun like the kind GOP Senator Marco Rubio offered up yesterday when he sternly complained how a temporary re-insurance provision (risk corridors) within the ACA means that the communist Obama-inspired law built in a "bailout" for insurance companies. The truth is that the provision, only lasting two years, will save taxpayers some $7 billion. Would Rubio prefer that taxpayers see $7 billion of their tax dollars wasted? Young Marco didn't say....most likely because he was too pre-occupied with memorizing the next GOP distortion.



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