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By The Reverend Published: January 30, 2009

In total, from 6 AM on Monday to 4 PM on Wednesday,(when the House vote on the stimulus bill was taken) the networks have hosted Republican lawmakers 51 times and Democratic lawmakers only 24 times. ThinkProgress

Many conservatives still hold to their false premise that the corporate media is liberally biased. Republicans are very good at playing the victim, and while playing victim, they often suggest that it is the "liberal" media who is mistreating and abusing them. Conservative GOP'ers know there is no truth in their 'liberal media is victimizing us' whining.....but they know if they whine often enough, right-leaning media will think twice when allotting airtime to politicians.

And the chart above demonstrates the success of the Republican 'we are victims' accusations.

I must remind everyone that the Democrats had a BIG electoral win last November. There are now big Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, and Democrat, Barack Obama, sits in the Oval Office. This situation didn't happen by freaking osmosis.....Americans VOTED for Democrats.

So, if media were to reflect the electoral wishes of the American people, an odd concept I know.....they would interview MORE Democrats than Republicans about extremely important legislation, like, say, the $800B economic recovery plan.

If the media simply wanted to be fair (and balanced) in their selection of guests for their "news" shows, impartial, not wanting to appear too "liberal" by having the same ratio of Democrats on their programs as have been, you know, actually elected......then said "liberal" media could simply invite an equal number of Democratic and Republican guests onto their economic recovery discussion programs.

However, said "liberal" media didn't exercise either one of those options. Instead, the alleged liberal media, knowing full well that American voters overwhelmingly chose Democrats the last two election cycles, knowing full well that minimum fairness would dictate having an equal number of Democrats and Republicans on their programs to air their views......chose to give minority Republicans, whom the American voters put in the minority, TWICE as many interviews as winning Democrats.

What explains this?

Cable and network media may simply be acting like a gunshy dog acts. Fearing the sound of the Republican "media is liberal" gun, media elites respond by shying away from ANYTHING that would give Republicans cause to pull the trigger. So much shying away that the dogs of media go to the extreme lengths of giving twice as many Republicans the opportunity to represent the MINORITY viewpoint.

Media doesn't want to take any chances and so they go to radical extremes so they don't have to be subjected to the sound of the conservative gunshots......which always scare them so frightfully.

The 2-1 ratio of Repubicans to Democrats appearing on cable teevee leading up to the House vote on the recovery plan could simply be an expression by media that the Republicans, though buried in their minority status by voters, are still the only Serious political party worthy of having their viewpoints aired. Yes, Republicans lost the last two elections, and by a wide margin, corporate media heads can say, but American voters don't really have any understanding about which political party has Serious, Tested, and Proven policy ideas, and therefore it's media's job, because they Know, to give those Serious, Tested and Proven ideas the airtime they deserve.

But that explanation would suggest that the media actually favors conservative Republicans. And as you know, by definition, that can't possibly be the case.....because the media is "liberal."

Let's dig further....

Reports of a recent study by the Congressional Budget Office, showing that the vast majority of the money in the stimulus package won't be spent until after 2010, have Democrats on the defensive and the GOP calling for a pullback in wasteful spending. Link

Reports of a recent study? What study?

We did not issue any report, any analysis or any study,” a CBO (Congressional Budget Office) aide told the Huffington Post.

What actually happened....

the nonpartisan CBO ran a small portion of an earlier version of the stimulus plan through a computer program that uses a standard formula to determine a score -- how quickly money will be spent. The score only dealt with the part of the stimulus headed for the Appropriations Committee and left out the parts bound for the Ways and Means or Energy and Commerce Committee.

Because it dealt with just a part of the stimulus, it estimated the spending rate for only about $300 billion of the $825 billion plan. Significant changes have been made to the part of the bill the CBO looked at.

This non-report by the CBO, but rather an analysis estimate based on a third of the proposed recovery and stimulus plan, was subsequently....

cited at least 81 times on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, the Sunday shows and the network newscasts in order raise questions about Obama’s recovery plan. Link

Perhaps corporate media is easily confused. Perhaps corporate media were all too busy covering Blago-Bleep, Caroline-Gate, or the Ongoing Adventures of the make sure that their information about the CBO was, you know, factual.

Or...perhaps corporate media isn't really "liberal" at all.



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