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GOP Nearing "Eve of Destruction?"

By The Reverend Published: August 16, 2013

It was interesting to read Politico's newest headline piece describing the plight of the Republican Party. The short piece is called "Eve of Destruction"......

It is almost impossible to find an establishment Republican in town who’s not downright morose about the 2013 that has been and is about to be. Most dance around it in public, but they see this year as a disaster in the making, even if most elected Republicans don’t know it or admit it.

Several influential Republicans told us the party is actually in a worse place than it was Nov. 7, the day after the disastrous election.

Remember the GOP "autopsy" report? More inclusiveness was part of that autopsy. The GOP recommended more reaching out to non-whites, making better use of today's digital electronic communication tools, and GOP candidates and elected officials trying not to say stupid and offensive shite in front of cameras and/or microphones.

Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei talked to "several influential Republicans" about where the GOP is today......and they came away with doom and gloom for the near term prospects of the GOP.

Here's why...

1) The party is hurting itself even more with the very voters they need to start winning back: Hispanics, blacks, gays, women and swing voters of all stripes.

Reaction by conservatives and Teas to the Trayvon Martin case, House Republicans stonewalling immigration reform, State Republicans' ramped up battle to deny women their legal rights and red states passing strict voting laws which Democrats and independents see as a form of voter suppression.....have damaged the GOP's near term electoral prospects.

2) Republicans are all flirting with a fall that could see influential party voices threatening to default on the debt or shut down the government — and therefore ending all hopes of proving they are not insane when it comes to governance.

It's not "could see". It is "has seen". GOP Senators Cruz, Rubio and Lee, joined by 9 or 10 other GOP senators, are right now campaigning for a defunding of Obamacare....or a default on the national debt. One or the other. Which, using the logic and words of Allen and Vandehei, means that Republicans ARE insane when it comes to governing.
And they are....insane.

But it's goal-driven insanity. Teas were elected by dissatisfied conservative voters to tear Washington D.C. down. These Republican elected officials were elected not to govern, not to pass legislation.....but to dismantle the federal government piece by piece. Working on a plan to shut down the government and do serious damage to the nation's economy isn't's actually a form of nihilism.....or insurgency.

3) The few Republicans who stood up and tried to move the party ahead were swatted into submission: Speaker John Boehner on fiscal matters and Sen. Marco Rubio on immigration are the poster boys for this.

Translation: the inmates are running know.

Speaker Boehner famously, or infamously, quipped right after Obama's re-election that "Obamacare was the law of the land." His GOP members won't agree. Herding cats is difficult to impossible. Young presidential hopeful, Marco Rubio, a Gang of Eight member who voted for the Senate's immigration bill....putting his best non-insane political foot forward in response to the GOP autopsy....and his own presidential ambitions, was rewarded by conservative constituents with a drastic plunge in approval ratings for his non-insane efforts.

These realities prompted the Politico Village Experts to this conclusion....

These Republicans came into the year exceptionally hopeful the party would finally wise up and put immigration and irresponsible rhetoric and governing behind them. Instead, Republicans dug a deeper hole.

Vandehei and Allen shill for the GOP. They will say they don't.....but they do. Anyone who reads Politico regularly knows that is true. But even they can't see a bright side to GOP behavior since last November. Funny.....I can't see one either.

So today's question......Are Allen and Vandehei right? Is the Republican Party on the "eve of their own destruction." If so, what should the GOP do to prevent their own demise as a vibrant national political party?



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