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GOP Pulls Plug On All Future Grandmas

By The Reverend Published: April 16, 2011

Remember the fun we all had in 2009 when Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and the Alaskan Quitter spouted off claiming that President Obama's health care reform plan was going to "pull the plug on grandma?"

Good times.

Back then, when the Tea Party nuts were doing the bidding of the Koch Brothers and Dick Armey by busting up townhall meetings, Republicans were complaining that cutting the 20% profit margin from health insurance companies who sold Medicare Advantage "products" to some seniors....was equivalent to "pulling the plug on grandma."

Republicans didn't believe a word they were saying then....but it just seemed like a good way to bash our new Kenyan, Marxist, Muslim President.....and enrage a motley minority of rabid constituents confused about being Taxed Enough Already.

With that as our backdrop, you'll be pleased to know that yesterday 235 House Republicans voted to end Medicare for all future grandmas (and grandpas) who are now currently 54 years old or younger. House Republicans, scared to death of being primaried out of their jobs by ignorant, hysterical, ahistorical, radical Tea Partiers......voted to adopt Paul Ryan's budget plan. All 189 House Democrats voted "no". Only 4 Republicans voted "no."

The Democratically controlled Senate will never pass Ryan's authoritarian and draconian budget plan, so it will die on the vine. However, it is extremely important for Americans to realize the impact of 235 Republicans voting to end Medicare as we have known it.

The American public has made it's wishes known when it comes to Medicare. A March CBS News poll found that 76% are not willing to reduce spending on Medicare in order to address the federal budget deficit. A February NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found the same. 76% found it totally or mostly unacceptable to cut Medicare to help solve the federal deficit problem.

In spite of the completely phony bloviations by Tea Party elected Republicans that they were given a mandate by the American people in the midterm elections to stop federal spending and rein in the debt.....Americans, by a large majority, do not want Medicare reduced or ended.

But Tea Party driven Republicans are authoritarian elitists. They know better than the American people do when it comes to what's good for all of us. That's how authoritarian "daddies" behave. An authoritarian father figure doesn't run a democratic household....perish the thought. He doesn't take a vote asking what all the individual family members want to do. He TELLS them what they are going to do, because he knows what's best.

House Republicans are TELLING the American people, whom they are supposed to be representing, what's best for us. Yesterday, those authoritarian elitists told all future seniors that what's best for them is if the Medicare program, into which they have been paying for a long time should be ended and replaced with a "good luck to ya'" voucher plan which will cost them $6000-7000 more than traditional Medicare by the year 2022.

In other words, Republicans, literally, are pulling the plug on all future grandmas and grandpas.

Yes, yesterday's vote was primarily symbolic.....because the Senate will not touch the Ryan plan and even if the Senate did, Obama would veto it. But what are Republicans symbolizing by voting to end Medicare as we know it?

They are telling America that they don't give a damn if plugs have to be pulled on future grandmas because already filthy rich Americans need to accumulate even more filthy lucre with even lower tax rates than the 80 year low rates they pay now. Astonishingly, the money saved by ending Medicare and replacing it with vouchers paying a fraction of what Medicare now pays, will be redistributed to America's richest by reducing their income tax rates from 35% to 25%.

Authoritarians know what's best for the rest of us. And these GOP authoritarians KNOW that even lower taxes on millionaires and billionaires is what's best for our economy. I suppose they KNOW that based on the stellar national economy over the last 10 years while federal tax rates were at the lowest level since President Eisenhower. A 10 year period unmatched in modern history for it's lowest job creation number and a reduction in our standard of living.

Summarizing: the Tea Party has now become flesh and revealed itself in our midst. The end-Medicare vote yesterday was political suicide for House Republicans. Americans, by 3-1, do not even want Medicare spending cut, let alone abolishing the very popular program. But Tea Party anarchists, crazed out of their minds by our nation's changing demographics represented in the election of our first black president, have deluded themselves into believing that THEY represent America, that THEY are the "real Americans" whom Sister Sarah mentioned....come to "take their country back."

I've got news.....THEY aren't and they ain't.



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