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GOP Race-Baiting & The Dyslexic Face Carving Attacker

By The Reverend Published: October 25, 2008

Upon hearing the "breaking news" that Ashley Todd, a McCain campaign worker and College Republican, had been accosted, while visiting a Pittsburgh area ATM, by a tall, (6' 4") black, Obama supporter who robbed her, saw her McCain bumper sticker, and then proceeded to carve a "B" into her cheek "to teach her a lesson"....Fox News Executive Vice President John Moody wrote this on the Fox Forum website....

"..some voters may revisit their support for Senator Obama, not because they are racists...but because they suddenly feel they do not know enough about the Democratic nominee."

As Keith Olbermann also mocks in the video below, I'm not sure whether Moody thought Obama had slipped off from visiting his grandmother in Hawaii, flown back to Pennsylvania to accost this one particular woman....OR....Mr. Moody was simply race-baiting his readers by suggesting that BECAUSE Obama is a tall, black man and the alleged attacker was described likewise by Ashley Todd that "voters" would simply put 2 and 2 together to conclude that "they do not know enough" about Obama. You see....all I can conclude from Moody's comment here is that, perhaps, Obama is a criminal attacker too. A tall, black criminal attacker.....something, Moody suggests, voters just didn't know enough about before this incident. I were we to know that Obama was just a common thief and white woman molester who enjoyed face carving to boot? Who knew? I don't know any other way to understand Mr. Moody's words.

On the other hand, Mr. John Moody, the big guy from FOX News, said this....

"If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain's quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting." to FOX News....McCain's bid for the presidency is officially over. Why? Because the Ashley Todd story, she now admits, was completely made up. The backwards "B" inscribed on her cheek...herself (that explains why it was backward). She never appeared at the ATM where she said she was accosted by a tall , black Obama supporter. She simply made the entire story up. Perhaps she did so, as John Moody put it, to cause voters to think that they just didn't "know enough" about the tall, black Barack Obama.

Read all abut it here.

Now, according to FOX News executive vice-president John Moody, John McCain's crushing November 4th defeat will be attributed to his own campaign's race-baiting. I mean....isn't that what he said? Didn't Moody say that if the Ashley Todd story turned out to be a "hoax", McCain's "quest" for the presidency would be over, "forever linked to race baiting." I didn't say it. The right wing Republican "news" channel big guy said it. Was the McCain campaign "race baiting?" Look who provided the fraudulent details of the fraudulent story.....

The McCain camp tells KDKA-TV that the victim is a 20 year old Republican from Texas.

According to a campaign spokesperson, after seeing her bumper sticker supporting Mccain, the suspect said, 'Oh you're with McCain, you're with the McCain campaign? I'm goin to teach you a lesson."

After beating the woman, the McCain camp says the suspect carved a "B" in her cheek for "Barack" Obama.

Police, however, have not confirmed that.

The McCain campaign spokesperson quoted above has been confirmed to be Peter Feldman, who also told another Pittsburgh area station, WPXI, the same fraudulent account.

McCain campaign people colluded with Ashley Todd to falsify a story they thought would hurt Barack Obama's chances to become president. The fraudulent story's purpose was to influence voters by race-baiting. Republicans, for decades, have race baited voters. The Willie Horton ad against Dukakis....the "call me" white woman ad against the black Harold Ford Jr. The "macaca" moment from George Allen. Ashley Todd, a College Republican, obviously educated in GOP dirty tricks, was simply doing what her political party has been doing for a very long time.....only, admittedly, a bit more recklessly

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post and MSNBC's Keith Olbermann chat about the Ashley Todd story in this video from last night's Countdown....

Those who read this blog will probably remember that I predicted a very ugly political campaign by Republicans this election cycle. I have also suggested that this ugliness was something our country would have to endure in order to cleanse ourselves from the hate, intolerance and basic criminality coming mainly from the conservative movement the last number of years. Think of it as a national baptism by fire.

Maybe with this massive f*ckup by Ashley Todd ushering in GOP humiliation a bit early....this coming week will be a bit quieter along the GOP race-baiting front. Maybe not. Either way, those who watch, listen and follow FOX News now know what to attribute John and Sarah's upcoming electoral crushing that loss to the McCain campaign's race baiting. That's what FOX calls fair and balanced. You should too.



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