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GOP's Neo-Con Candidates Shamelessly Bully Ron Paul

By The Reverend Published: January 10, 2008


The great thing about the GOP primary, other than Preacher Mike Huckabee and his bass guitar playing, is the foreign policy realism of Ron Paul. Bless his soul. In the following clip, see how the four neo-cons....McCain, Giuliani, Thompson and Romney do their best to humiliate the good Doctor. From ABC's GOP candidates debate Saturday 1-5-08.


No wonder FOX shut Ron Paul out of their own Sunday night debate session with the Republicans. FOX, as everyone knows, is the Republican Party's neo-conservative teevee network. Anything that sensibly challenges neo-conservative, pre-emptive, empire building must be muted. Ron Paul, as you can see from Saturday night's ABC event, sensibly, directly and with calm, laid out the problem with our foreign policy.


It's Ron Paul's clear and honest talk about our foreign policy and the Constitution that is attracting conservatives and independents to him in the first place. His message resonates because it has truth in it.

Instead of acknowledging that Ron Paul does have part of the Islamic problem rightly analyzed, thus bringing more credibility to their own candidacies.....Giuliani, Thompson, Romney and McCain choose to act like ignorant bullies on a schoolyard. They want others to think Ron Paul is silly, foolish and uninformed. They treat him as if he's some mentally unstable old uncle figure. By laughing and chuckling and smirking at him whenever he speaks, these schoolyard ignoramuses believe the viewers will be convinced to laugh along. This is how cavemen act....not men with class, character and integrity. This isn't how we want the president of the United States to act.


Does anyone believe what Rudy said? "..our foreign policy is totally irrelevant...." Doesn't that seem like a ridiculous statement?

When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and proceeded to do what America, under Bush/Cheney, has done with Iraq.....occupy.....were the Afghanis responding to the Soviet invasion and occupation foreign policy when they jihaded the Soviets in response?

You could have cut the smugness, arrogance, and condescension in the debate room with a knife. Bullies, on the schoolyard, trying to shut the smart kid up because he's shown the others up with his knowledge. And the way they try to shut the smart kid up is to outshout and ridicule him by using stuff they saw in their comic books.

Mitt Romney, of all people, who wouldn't know a Sunni from a Sunbeam Mixer, lessons Ron Paul, frapping his knuckles saying, "you're reading their propaganda". Mitt doesn't answer Paul's point, he simply accuses Paul of siding with the enemy. Romney joins Rudy's silly cartoonish depiction by adding that the Islamic problem has, "nothing to do with us".

Yes, I'm sure there are radical Islamic writings, just as there are radical evangelical Christian writings. But to say America has "nothing to do with" why American buildings, symbols of American greatness and power, were targeted on 9-11, seems a bit dishonest.

In summary: When neo-con Republican candidates for president and their media arm, FOX "News", do not have the facts correct pertaining to foreign policy reality, their default move is always to shut the person up who does have them correct. Authoritarians, I guess, can't help themselves.



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