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GOP's Non-Primetime Players

By The Reverend Published: June 14, 2011

Repeal ObamaCare, cut corporate taxes, cut capital gains taxes, further deteriorate unions by pushing a federal right-to-work law, eliminate the EPA, don't increase the federal government's debt ceiling, pass a traditional marriage constitutional amendment to counter gay marriage initiatives, repeal Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley, repeal the repeal of DADT, discriminate openly against Muslim Americans.....and, naturally, Obama is bad.

There was more of course,.....but that pretty much captures the essence of what was heard last night at the New Hampshire GOP presidential candidates "debate." Herb Cain, Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty, Willard Romney, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul answered questions for 2 hours last night as CNN hosted it's first "debate" of the 2012 election cycle.

Scintillating, it wasn't. But then I wasn't really expecting too much from the leading candidates of a political party which no longer has relevance in a modern America.

The most immediate problem facing the country is 9.1% unemployment. If Obama shows any signs of being weak going into next year's election campaign, it's in the area of employment. Bipartisan Barack refused to use his bully pulpit over the last couple of years to educate the American people about how and why our economy imploded the way it did.....choosing instead to not purposely offend anyone.

Obama's fecklessness on jobs, and his refusal to openly and clearly combat the failed conservative policies of the past 30 years.....has made him vulnerable to attacks from Republican candidates. That's why it's even more amazing to me that none of the GOP candidates last night had ANY substantive plans to tackle the nation's high unemployment rate.

What I heard last night was the same old, same old. The U.S. went through the 00's with the lowest federal tax rates in over 60 years. In spite of those historically low rates, private sector job growth was the lowest for any modern two term president. Yet, all of last night's GOP participants agreed that the way to create jobs was to.....sigh.....cut taxes.

Maybe old dogs can't learn new tricks. Or is it, instead.....dogs returning to their vomit? I can't keep those two sayings straight.

For me, there were no winners or losers from last night's debate. No one stood out over the others, although I laughed out loud a couple times over remarks made by Ron Paul. I like the old Doc, but when he argued for tax free repatriation of American corporate profits, profits made while doing business in foreign countries....and when he said that market "corrections are good" and it's a "good thing" for house prices to go down.....I laughed out loud, I did.

The Newton called for overthrowing the Dodd-Frank financial re-regulation bill...and Sarbanes-Oxley as well. All GOP candidates spoke of plundering more government regulations, I guess to assist record profit setting corporations in....setting even newer profit records. But nothing was said...nothing at all....about lack of federal regulations on banksters causing our economic meltdown in the first place. To Republicans who write their own real-time history, the federal government caused the crisis.

Every GOP candidate wanted to slash Medicare and Social Security....while lowering taxes further on the privileged class. Every GOP candidate wanted to add millions more to the roles of the uninsured and bring back the insurer's right to refuse coverage for pre-existing conditions......while simultaneously taking capital gains tax rates to zero.

The biggest applause line of the night was Tim Pawlenty's call for a federal right-to-work law. Naturally, right-to-work is an Orwellian phrase which obscures an ugly truth.....workers in right-to-work states earn less than workers in non-right-to-work states. But to Republicans, that's the whole point. If business can't offshore their labor, they should at least be able to pay American workers extremely low wages.....and right-to-work laws, undermining workers' unions as they do, accomplishes just that. The rousing applause at T-Paw's recommendation was all the proof anyone would ever need to know that conservatives and the GOP could care less about American workers.

Michele Bachmann wants the country to default on it's debt obligation and only pay the interest on what we owe. I have no idea how Social Security recipients would feel about their monthly checks ending...but hey, what's more important? Seniors being able to eat....or even lower taxes on our richest few?

Herb Cain said we should follow Chile's lead on national health care. Bachmann wants to eliminate the EPA because the EPA prevents business from blackening the sky on their way to more profits. Gingrich said the National Labor Relations Board should be defunded.....again, I suppose because the NLRB keeps record profit setting corporations honest in their dealings with workers.

Romney, a member of a pseudo-Christian organization himself, would encourage more tolerance towards the Muslim faith....but Herb Cain wouldn't hire any Muslims in a Cain administration and Gingrich likened Muslims to Nazis and opinions on religious tolerance varied.

There's talk of the repellent secessionist, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, getting in the GOP primary race.....and of course, the Wasilla SnowBilly continues to play silly teevee hide-and-seek games over her possible presidential ambitions. Others are still calling for the obese Gov. Chris Christie to jump in the race. Still others are pining for the Jebby.

No matter. While I understand Republican voters being dissatisifed with their current really isn't the's the political party. The GOP has lost complete touch with the American people. The GOP has nothing to offer anyone who makes under $250,000 per year....and the GOP has now made it clear that they want to abolish Medicare in their eagerness to place a huge financial burden on seniors in order to further cut taxes on America's rich.

Other than rich, white, xenophobic, Christian men....who are these Republicans appealing to?

Beats the hell out of me.



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