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GOP Senators: 'All We Are Saying Is Give War A Chance'

By The Reverend Published: March 2, 2014

While all eyes are on the local dispute playing out between the Ukraine and Russia right now, a situation, to be sure, not to be taken lightly....warmongers in Washington this week will be taking steps that they hope will undermine President Obama and lead the United States into a war with Iran.

The opening sentence from this Politico piece is a doozy....

Republicans hope a powerful pro-Israel group’s Washington fly-in can turn the tide in their quest for a vote on new Iran sanctions.

That is one heckuva sentence, isn't it? Paraphrasing....'Republicans hope a powerful pro-Israel group's Washington fly-in can turn the tide on peaceful negotiations with Iran and fulfill their quest for a congressional vote to just give war a chance.'

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s policy conference will bring thousands of AIPAC members to Washington beginning Sunday, a flood the GOP believes could help force reluctant Senate Democrats to vote on new economic penalties toward Iran.

Know that President Obama, still the Commander in Chief, has explicitly and repeatedly warned warmongers in Congress about queering the multilateral negotiations with Iran by passing new and more stringent sanctions on the oil-rich nation. Iranian leaders have informed Obama that any new sanctions on their country would mean an end to any further peaceful negotiations over it's nuclear enrichment program.

In spite of those repeated warnings, Republicans "believe" that this week's AIPAC gathering will give them enough momentum to "help force reluctant Senate Democrats" to just give war a chance.

To their credit, AIPAC, thus far, has resisted efforts by U.S. warmongers to advocate for new Iranian sanctions....

“Our view is that we strongly support the legislation. We believe that it should be voted on when it would have the broadest bipartisan support,” an AIPAC source said. “We thought there shouldn’t be an immediate vote [in order] to build support.”

You see, even AIPAC would prefer a "bipartisan" congressional consensus before voting on new Iranian sanctions. Republicans not only hope to force "reluctant Senate Democrats" to give war a chance, but Israeli lobby groups as well.

“I was puzzled by the statement they put out a few weeks ago saying that they no longer thought now was the time to vote. I’m not sure that reflects their membership,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). “I certainly think their membership does [want a vote]. That’s my impression from the meetings that I’ve had.”

Here, Senator Boy Wonder is actually questioning the leaders of AIPAC over their reluctance to give war a chance without U.S. congressional bipartisanship. I think that is quite amazing.

Here's yet another Republican warmonger senator.....

"I think they (AIPAC) are becoming more involved because they understand the severity of the problem,”said Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.). “They were dormant for a while but I think they’re coming back. I think they will be vocal about the need to bring up a sanctions bill.”

Again paraphrasing.....'I think AIPAC can be convinced to give war a chance.'

I realize that all the Villagers will be focused this week on second and third guessing Obama's failure to control all political unrest in the Ukraine and Russia.....undoubtedly yet another Obama conspiratorial effort to undermine America......but the "news" event this week is to be found in Republican plans to lead warred-out America into yet another middle east military adventure. I guess, because our most recent military adventures in that region have gone so swimmingly.

All this from the very same senate Republicans, who, just last week, voted to block a bill to increase benefits for veterans who fight in the wars that congressional warmongers vote to fight.

Make no mistake here. What senate Republicans plan to do this week is to purposely undermine the careful efforts of an executive branch to bring about a peaceful Iranian solution.....setting the stage for an inevitable military intervention.

If I had not have watched Republicans lead our nation into the criminal war against Iraq in the way that Bush's warmongers did......I would find what Republicans are planning and "hoping" for this week hard to believe. But because I did.....I don't.

It should be clear now that Republicans will do anything to undermine the Obama presidency, including wrecking a peaceful negotiation that even AIPAC is reluctant to wreck. It is crystal clear now that senate Republicans will do anything to just give war with Iran a chance.

And so The Reverend will leave you with this....

Behold the enemies of the United States of America. They sit daily in the Senate chamber. They are eager to undermine the Leader of the Free World. They have yet to wash out the bloodstains they still carry from the Bush years. And they are itching for more slaughter while simultaneously dismissing efforts to increase benefits for the veterans who fight in those slaughters.



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