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GOP, T-Baggers, Fox-Crack Addicts Are Anti-American

By The Reverend Published: April 2, 2010

Is that a shrill enough title for ya'?

Americans have been told a bunch of stuff about the recently-passed health care reform legislation....much of it erroneous. Hopelessly corrupt corporate media have been responsible for spreading the ratings-boosting "controversy"....but setting that aside for now...what is it that the GOP, the T-Baggers, and the Fox-Crack-Addicts have really been telling us?

In short....they are telling us that they do not accept America's democratic process. The one common thread that is woven throughout the GOP's, the T-Baggers, and the Fox-Crack-Addict's messaging and behavior is that America's representative government is not to be accepted as legitimate....instead, it is to be rejected with prejudice. "Reload." "I want my constituents armed and dangerous."

It's damn odd for a bunch of nuts who claim to be Super-Patriots, no?

Unlike the original Boston Tea's version is fully represented by elected officials. Officials elected by American citizens. Today's Tea Partiers, actually a carryover of the Palin campaign-attending nuts, began in March, 2009, to claim that they "wanted their country back." What they meant was that they didn't like the results of the American democratic process in November, 2008. A black Democratic President and a wider Democratic congressional majority were ELECTED by the citizenry of the U.S. There weren't even any Supreme Court shenanigans.

The Baggers were spawned less than 2 months into President Obama's term. The malcontents simply refused to accept the most recent outcome of America's electoral process. The Partiers protest, in essence, was and is, against a democratic system which can produce results that they passionately dislike.

Every crazy-ass thing we've witnessed over the past 15 months or so....every Tea Bag event, every townhall bustup, every FOX and Fiends lie, every guntoter-at-political-events, every Virginia Fox, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Chuck Grassley zinger statement of because of refusal to accept the outcome of America's 235 year old democratic system.

Hypothetically....if another country refused to accept the results of an American election as legitimate....what would we think of that country? Wouldn't we consider that country to be anti-American...or at the very least, comtemptuous of the American constitutional system?

Moving on to the Fox-Crack dealers. The Becks and the Limbaughs and the Malkins of our nation are, first and foremost, doing what they are doing for personal gain. That's important to recognize. They spew lies, hate, propaganda and repeated hints at "revolution" and violence for the sole purpose of filling their personal bank accounts. Hate-speech mercenaries...if you will.

Of course, speech is protected in the the Fox-Crack dealers, though dangerous for the country, are free to keep selling their Hate-Crack. Eric Burns of Media Matters has declared Glenn Beck, "the most dangerous man in America." Burns is right.

The audience of the Fox-Crack dealers, not the least bit surprisingly, are the T-Bag types. Those who have their feelings soothed every day of the week by millionaire hucksters who tell them what they want to hear....the daily Fox-Crack fix. It makes the hate manageable.

What is the "high" that the daily Fox-Crack dealers sell? Obama is not a legitimate president. Obama was born in Kenya.....ACORN rigged the election so the Kenyan, Obama, could win. Obama is a socialist, communist, Maoist....fill in the blank....he's not like us. It's all a variation of the same theme....the results of the November, 2008 democratic election are never to be accepted as legitimate.

Lastly, after a full year of Republican histrionics,...."death panels", "pulling plug on granny", health care rationing, a "massive" government takeover...etc....what are the elected Republicans telling their already-propagandized, Fox-Crack Addicts?

The health care bill should be repealed.

Once again, what is the overarching theme? The currently elected federal government is illegitimate and anything that government passes into law is also illegitimate.

The health care legislation, no darling of mine, was passed using the democratic process set up by our Founders. Citizens elected a majority of congressional representatives who went about passing a duly-elected president's primary domestic campaign pledge. That congressional representation followed totally acceptable constitutional methods in passing health care reform.

To GOP'ers seeking to maintain their relevancy, however, accepting the results of the American democratic process is unacceptable. That's the reason for the "repeal" nonsense.

Wheher it is T-Baggers, Fox-Crack-Dealers/Addicts or GOP elected officials.....the one constant found is the total unacceptance of the results of our lawful national election process.

Therefore, the only conclusion I can come to is that this Unholy Trio is anti-American. What other conclusion could there be?



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