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GOP Votes To Punish Children, Elderly, Disabled

By The Reverend Published: September 20, 2013

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the House legislation would deny benefits to 3.8 million Americans next year and save $39 billion over 10 years, or roughly 5 percent of the SNAP program's cost in that time. Enrollment doubled to 47 million in the wake of the Great Recession as incomes plummeted and more Americans qualified for benefits, which average $133 per month. Most beneficiaries are children, elderly or disabled.

Read that last line again very slowly.

The House legislation scored by the CBO with the conclusion that children, the elderly and the disabled would be harmed the most if the legislation was put into effect.....was voted on yesterday in the House....with this result and this brief bullshite justification....

By 217 to 210, the House said yes to the measure, with its Republican backers arguing it would help more people find jobs.'

Denying children, the elderly and the disabled food benefits desperately needed in the Banksters-Take-All age....House Republicans argued...."would help people find jobs."

Pardon my denseness.....but how-in-the-hell does that equate?

President Obama argued back in March of last year that rather than cutting food stamps during our worst economic downturn in modern U.S. history....$40 billion should be cut from tax expenditures (deductions) to huge oil companies.

Oil companies, as you may have heard, have been posting huge, often record, profits these last five or six, ending the industry's tax deductions wouldn't really affect these lucrative behemoths much. But children, the elderly and the disabled.....our most vulnerable citizens....WILL be affected negatively by cutting food stamps.

Set aside for a second the truth that cutting government spending during high unemployment is a recipe guaranteeing deeper recessionary times (see: United Kingdom)....and focus on the choice House Republicans made yesterday. Republicans chose to take meager benefits away from millions of children, the elderly and the the middle of our most challenging economic period... RATHER than cut tax deductions from swimming-in-cash-and-profits oil corporations.

We're told by hard-working, boot strapping House Republicans that taking food benefits away from children, the elderly and the disabled during harsh economic times is essential to....WTF.....creating jobs. Perhaps a conservative who speaks more fluent TeaTalk can translate.....because I can't......and every time I try....I keep coming up with the same three words...."hateful, heartless bastards." Obviously, that can't be the proper translation.

But I do have a few thoughts on what explains Tea House members enthusiasm to hurt the lives of children, the elderly and the disabled during our worst economic period.

First: Cutting government spending during high unemployment and lack-of-consumer-demand times will do damage to the larger national economy. What have Republicans been doing these last four years....I mean other than voting 42 times to repeal Obamacare? Haven't Republicans done everything within their power to cut government spending? Therefore, Republicans have been doing everything in their power to damage the national economy. But why? To convince voters to give power to Republicans in the next election because.....see.....Democrats ruin the economy.

Second: The 47%. Romney lost the election, in part, because of his words about half the country not being "willing to take personal responsibility for their own lives." An election the "skewed" polls boyz thought Romney would win. How better to punish those who voted for Obama than to pass legislation targeting, specifically, children, the elderly and the disabled? Talk about people who won't take personal responsibility for their own lives! Lazy damn kids. "Entitlement" minded geezers. And don't even get me started on the "pretend" disabled. Phonies. Parasites.

In other words.....Republicans cutting food stamps is payback for a lost election. Cutting oil company tax deductions, you see, would not be seen as a sufficient form of vengeance directed at Democratic "socialist" programs and the "takers" who vote for those Democrats. Which brings me to...

Third: I've come to realize that a good portion of what seems like hatefulness and cold-heartedness coming from conservatives and Republicans towards the nation's most vulnerable finds it's source in the right's bitter hatred of all things liberal. Republicans can't seem to win general elections anymore because of their very unpopular policies....and so, in response, they have grown to hate the electorate which rejects their "message."

But what Republicans really enjoy doing in their Party's declining years is shocking liberals and Democrats with more expressions of callousness and inhumanity. Why? Because, like illiterate bullies, the simple satisfaction of pissing off liberals and Democrats has become their only objective. Yes, it's a pitiful commentary.

But what about the children, the elderly and the disabled whose lives will be harmed if food stamps cuts go into effect?

Collateral damage.



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