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Governance By Tantrum

By The Reverend Published: July 10, 2014

Can the world's lone superpower continue to govern it's mighty Empire via the Tantrum Method?

Busloads of undocumented Latino children are justification to throw an embarrassing tantrum.

The IRS doing their normal job of reviewing applications for "community welfare" status is justification to throw a tantrum.

4 dead in Benghazi....throw a multi-year tantrum.

The Veterans Administration underfunded and overstretched by Congressional inaction....throw a tantrum, but refuse to increase funding FOR veterans.

A loony, deadbeat rancher refuses to pay a million or so in government fees, fees which every other rancher must pay.......throw a tantrum, and bring guns.

Dick Cheney's Iraqi Adventure crumbles just as dozens of "unpatriotic appeasers" said that it would.....blame Obama while throwing a tantrum of regurgitated lies.

Want to impose your religious beliefs on your employees....throw a sanctimonious tantrum.

Tantrum throwing is all the rage now. Political flash-mobbing. It is quickly becoming our method of governance. All the kraziest and kewlest conservative kidz are doing it.

Exceptional America is now being ruled by the equivalent of a group of spoiled children. Even our tantrums are exceptional.

Are you sick of all the tantrum throwing yet? Are you disgusted with your government yet? If you are, then the conservative flash-mobbers are successfully doing their jobs.

Conservatives believe, now more than ever, that the federal government, itself, is our nation's biggest problem. Perhaps, even our nation's most imminent threat. Slave state leaders thought the same thing in the 19th century.

Hating the existence of the federal government like they do, and realizing that an armed insurrection today would likely not go well.....Republicans and conservatives have decided to demonize the federal government in the minds of potential voters.

The concept here is to throw daily tantrums, hurl the craziest conspiratorial accusations, prevent any positive legislation from passing, throw more and louder tantrums, shampoo, rinse, repeat......until potential and likely voters will get so damn fed up they will turn away from paying attention to any of it.

The bad news's working.

The latest congressional polling numbers prove that it is working.....

Disapproval of Congress now ranges from 66%-81%, approval numbers range from 11%-16%. Approval numbers for the federal government, as of last October, stand at 18%.

So, the tantrum-throwing form of governance is working as designed by the neo-confederates.

More and more Republican candidates and elected officials are running on, or have already been elected on, the promise to eliminate the role of the federal government in all things except law enforcement and waging wars of Empire. Imagine.....running for Congress not to help pass legislation benefiting the American people....but to dismantle most of the legislation which is already helping the American people.

Join government to gut government. Quite a campaign slogan.

LSD-laced redistricting has guaranteed, at least for awhile, a steady parade of unhinged conservative congressional members willing to stop all normal legislative actions. Those self-radicalized, confederate conservatives will, without doubt, continue to pull enough daring stunts to keep their angry, angry, mostly white, anti-science base energized.

But how can these neo-confederates stop all other voters from having a desire to vote in future elections? That's where the tantrums come in.

Tantrum throwing, you know, after awhile, wears on a person. The occasional tantrum can be overlooked....but when the tantrums become a daily nuisance and bother.....they become a source of disgust....something to get away from.

If enough potential independent and rationally-minded voters become disgusted enough by the daily crazy they are exposed to.....perhaps they will say the hell with it, deciding that voting is just a waste of time and won't change anything for the better, anyway. Half of the country already thinks that.

Sure, the tantrum-throwing over everything Obama or anything Democratic is better than a violent civil war....but the goals are identical. Neuter the federal government by whatever means necessary, keep your addicted-to-rage machinery well oiled, and discourage as many non-GOP voters from turning out to vote by dashing all hopes that the federal government can ever successfully function as designed.

Yes, all this stuff may disgust you and make you hate everything about federal politics. The embarrassing nature of these daily tantrums might compel folks to turn their heads away, like when someone is vomiting. But doing so is playing right into the hands of the neo-confederates. They want you to hate the federal government so much that you'll question the purpose of voting.

That way.....and it's the only way....the minority quacks can remain relevant.

The way to confront tantrums is with strict discipline. In this particular case of national conservative tantrum throwing....what's required is a good ass-kicking. A beating that the GOP can't recover from for years and years. They have been begging for it.

Whattya say we don't disappoint them?



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