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Ground Control to Major Barack

By The Reverend Published: November 16, 2010

Coming to grips with reality is sometimes a challenge. For the past couple of years, I have been coming to grips with the reality of my own personal aging.....and I don't like it. But in facing the challenge of aging, I don't blame myself for the actual aging process. I have nothing to do with the aging process.....the aging process existed long before I was born....and the aging process will exist long after I'm gone.

In a manner of speaking, the same is true for political partisanship. Political partisanship has always existed....and it will always continue to matter who is elected president, no matter who controls Congress. Anyone who has been paying attention for the past 20 years knows that partisanship, mostly bitter, is the new normal....and will continue to be so.

Except for Barack Obama, who, apparently, is taking the blame for not being able to successfully push a rope.....

“I neglected some things that matter a lot to people, and rightly so: maintaining a bipartisan tone in Washington,” he told reporters in a brief question-and-answer session aboard Air Force One as he returned from a 10-day trip to Asia. “I’m going to redouble my efforts to go back to some of those first principles,” he promised.

It would be laughable if Obama wasn't being serious.....but he was....being serious. According to our President, "maintaining a bipartisan tone in Washington" "matter(s) a lot to people." Really? Is that what Americans are looking for from their leaders....."a bipartisan tone".....whateverthehell that tone would sound like?

It seems to me that what a lot of people want is for the federal government to honestly confront the most difficult problems facing do something about those problems. People, as we now know, don't give a sh*t whether a president or a Congress tries their best to strike a bipartisan "tone." People want results.

But what's really amazing about Obama's "bipartisan tone" comment is the sacrificial lamb aspect of it. The Jesus element.

The fact is that Obama has tried nothing at all, if he hasn't repeatedly tried to act bipartisan in his dealing with Republicans. An often repeated criticism of Obama from the left has been his seeming servanthood mentality in dealing with the GOP.....he often has compromised before discussions even began, pre-emptively compromising before even being asked to by Republicans.

From the beginning, President Obama decided to "look forward, not backward". Faced with the smoldering ashes left over from 8 straight years of rampant lawlessness, belligerence, irresponsibility and nihilism originating from the worst presidential administration in American history.....Obama quickly set a "bipartisan tone". There would be no investigations into any of those smoldering ashes. Can't look backwards.

Republicans responded to that "bipartisan tone" from Obama by beginning a campaign of just saying everything. Captain Rush laid down the command in January 2009 for Obama to fail.....and every GOP foot-soldier saluted and proceeded to obey the order. The rest is but ugly history.....socialists, commies, death panels, Kenyan anti-colonialist, know the drill.

However, to hear Obama, this was all his fault for not setting the proper "bipartisan tone." Like a lamb saying it was it's own fault when the slaughterhouse employees made a mess of it's own slaughter because it didn't adequately stretch it's neck out.

But then the Sacrificial Lamb of partisan tone-making meets Alice in Wonderland.....

“They are not going to want to just obstruct, that they’re going to want to engage constructively,” he said of his Republican adversaries. “And then we’re going to have a whole bunch of time next year for some serious philosophical debates.”

Droopy Dawg McConnell over in the Senate has already announced how "constructively" all his buddies will "engage" with President Obama come January 1st. The Kentucky Senator has made it clear that job one for Republicans would be to destroy President Obama's...presidency....limiting him to one term. That's what the minority leader in the Senate said was his top priority.

I guess you could call that "want(ing) to engage constructively"....although I wouldn't.

I did enjoy a laugh over the Sacrifical Lamb Bipartisan President's ..."we're going to have a whole bunch of time next year for some serious philosophical debates." Now that's funny.

The only "serious" debates GOP'ers will be having with anyone will be with themselves. And those "debates" will be limited to arriving at which Obama "crimes" to bring Articles of Impeachment over.

Ground control to Major's time to wake the hell up.



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