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Guiliani Thinking Is "Outside The Box"

By The Reverend Published: October 31, 2007


The stupid saying "thinking outside the box" has been with us for a bit now and has been used in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. Thinking unconventionally, I believe, is the original intended meaning. Rudy Guiliani, for example, thought "thinking outside the box" meant he should remain as New York's mayor even after his term ran out. No question, that was unconventional thinking.

Josh Marshall at reminds us about Rudy Guiliani's unconventional leadership style with pieces of a 9-26-01 press conference. The pieces are quite interesting....

Well, I can tell is that what I'd like to do is to maintain the unity that exists in the city. And I've met -- I'm going to meet with the candidates and talk to them about something that we can agree on. Or I hope we can agree on a way in which to handle this tremendous crisis that we have.

And it's something that I would hope that the candidates would take very seriously. So I'm going to talk to them and try to come up with something that unifies the city because we have a very, very strong spirit of unity right now. And I think that it's my obligation to try to maintain it. So I can't tell what you that is until I tell them. And I've met with some of them, but not all of them yet.

And it then got devastated by this horrible attack. It's still best city in the world, but it's going to need a lot of help. It's going to need a lot of assistance. It's going to need a lot of unity. And it's going to need politicians who think outside the box, who think outside the old way in which we used to practice politics. So that all came to me last night, that I should start thinking that way also.

And we can start think differently as a result of that. Which means we can everyone conduct our politics differently as a result of that. Or we can go back to the way we used to conduct our politics in the past.

And I think it's a lot better if we try to conduct our politics differently now. And things that people said before, you know, they have a right to rethink things now. They have a right to rethink things in light of a horrible, awful, unimaginable thing happening. Link

I've been saying for quite awhile that Guiliani is simply a thug who wants the keys to the U.S. kingdom. "Thinking outside the box", to a mouthy, thuggish guy like Rudy means setting aside existing laws.

But look at all the "unity" excuses Rudy keeps repeating to justify his lawless desire. The "unity" he refers to was really fear, grief and anxiety, on a large scale....but just as Rudy was opportunistic enough after 9-11 to find every teevee camera he could, so too, he sought to use the excuse of "unity" to violate very clear and defined law about elected officials terms expiring.

Guiliani was saying the same thing neo-cons have been saying ever since 9-11 to justify massive violations of law and the Constitution. "Conducting our politics differently now" is so reminiscent of "everything has changed since 9-11" talk. And the objective in both these trite sayings is lawlessness....a desire to set aside the law.

Whether it's remaining in office after your term ends or wiretapping Americans without warrants, neo-conservatives, as a rule, see laws and Constitutional mandates as optional.

Rudy Guiliani is a neo-conservative who believes in unassailable power for the president of the U.S.....and....he is an opportunistic thug willing to set aside law to serve his own purposes.

We have a president like that already. We most definitely do not need another one.



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