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Gun Regulations: "Reduces American's Freedoms"

By The Reverend Published: July 24, 2012

From Colorado to Maine and all points in between.....

Upon pulling him over, police found an assault rifle, four handguns and several boxes of ammunition, they said. Also found inside his car were recent news clippings of the mass shooting at the Colorado movie theater, police said. Police said Courtois then admitted to police he had attended the Batman movie at the Cinemagic Theater in Saco Saturday night with a loaded gun in his backpack. He also told authorities that he was on his way to Derry, N.H. to shoot a former employer.

I include that this morning because guns and killing are part and parcel of what the United States is all about. The U.S. is the most violent country in the world.

Yes, the most recent outbreak of our national disease, the theater massacre in Colorado, turns our stomachs....the senseless slaughter, the shock and grief which follows, the helplessness, and at least for me, the disgust knowing that the Colorado Batman shooting will not be our last senseless slaughter.

This is America, and we've always had mass murders involving guns. We love guns. We kill people with those guns we love. We're known for it, worldwide. We're free.

Sadly, we all know that the ability to purchase 6000 rounds of ammunition over the internet, the freedom to buy and own a semi-automatic assault weapon....a WMD....will never be infringed in America. Why? Because we are not like the other nations.....we are a free people. A free people who, from time to time, must endure the slaughter of a dozen innocents and the maiming of dozens more to prove how free we are.

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying.....James Holmes is responsible for his own actions, and no doubt, will be punished for what he did. But that won't change a thing.....and everyone knows it. We'll simply lull ourselves back to sleep about how violent and how riddled with guns our nation has become....until the next time, when we'll go through the same motions all over again. The NRA has won.

And the NRA servants in Congress aren't shy about it.

As predictable after a mass gun shooting as the's GOP Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin pre-emptively shutting off any calls for tougher regulations on guns and ammunition .......

RON JOHNSON: "I really would hate to see a tragedy like this used to promote a political agenda to reduce American's freedoms. Enough have been taken away and we don't want to lose anymore."

"reduce America's freedoms".....questioning the wisdom of a U.S. citizen's ability to easily purchase 6000 rounds of ammunition over the internet,....questioning the need for owning semi-automatic weapons and 100 round circular magazine clips,...... even requiring citizens to register those "reducing America's freedoms."

NRA spokesperson, Sen. Johnson continues....embarrassingly...

JOHNSON: "I mean, for example, the left used the term assault rifles. They're really talking about semi-automatic weapons that really are used in hunting. That's what happens in Wisconsin. These are rifles that people use in hunting."

Yep, hunters in Wisconsin need semi-automatic weapons to hunt down Bambi's dad. Yep, I believe that....and everyone else should as well.

But in the end....alas....there's nothing anyone can do....we are all powerless to do anything to prevent the next mass WMD-gun shooting.....

WALLACE: "Let me ask you, we're not talking about hand guns. Does something that would limit magazines and carry 100 rounds, would that infringe on the constitutional right?"

JOHNSON: "I believe so. People will talk about unusually lethal weapons. I mean, that could be potentially a discussion you can have.

But the fact of the matter is, there are magazines, 30-round magazines that are just common all over the place, and you simply can't keep these weapons out of the hands of sick, demented individuals that want to do harm."

Summarizing: the only thing we as a people can do to prevent mass WMD-gun shootings.....according to NRA servants like Sen. Ron Johnson, is to arm ourselves. Ron Johnson's brilliantly thought out method of stopping folks like James Holmes is for all movie goers to be carrying weapons. And, indeed, the NRA is working right now to render illegal any attempts by private businesses,....say, like movie theaters, ban concealed weapons from entering their businesses.

The GOP Senator's pre-emptive plan scenario would include, perhaps, a hundred or so movie patrons carrying concealed guns into a viewing of the new Batman movie. When a guy like James Holmes enters from an emergency door in full "costume" in what appears to be the beginning of a movie-related, live stunt.....when he sets off smoke bombs of confusion and then begins firing his semi-automatic, WMD-gun randomly at the audience....Ron Johnson would have us believe that 100 gun toting movie patrons, all standing and the only solution. know, we lose our freedoms.



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