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"Hamas Infrastructure"

By The Reverend Published: January 6, 2009

For those who unwaveringly support every action of America's satellite state of's time to check the scoreboard.

Until Monday, only one Israeli soldier had been killed in the military campaign. Meanwhile, Gaza medical officials said that 562 Palestinians had been killed — including at least 111 children — and some 2,500 wounded. The figures cannot be independently verified because Israel has barred foreign journalists from Gaza since the start of the offensive. Link

A couple of days ago I read that Israel's military objective inside of Gaza was to destroy all Hamas infrastructure. When I read that, I queried, what does Hamas do.....label with large letters which bridges, sewers, roadways, and bridges it uses so that Israeli helicopter gunships can easily identify them?

I know that's pretty silly....but so is what Israel said about Hamas infrastructure. Isn't it true that anything.....could be considered Hamas infrastructure? Houses, apartments, shops, restaurants, hospitals, mosques, streets, water sources, energy sources, food sources, and yes....even schools.....

An Israeli military strike killed three people at a United Nations-run school in Gaza City where they had sought shelter from an intensifying ground war inside the Gaza Strip, officials said Tuesday.

U.N. officials said an Israeli strike directly hit an elementary school compound where more than 400 Palestinians had come to escape fighting in northern Gaza, and which was clearly marked as a U.N. installation. The U.N. said it was "strongly protesting" the incident and called on Israel to immediately investigate it.

So...when Israel says that their objective in attacking to destroy any and all infrastructure that Hamas depends on.....what that really means is that Israel, if necessary, will destroy ALL of Gaza. Anything and everything that COULD be used by Hamas fighters.

The Great Christian nation's response?....

the Bush administration has given the offensive its explicit support and blamed Hamas rocket attacks for triggering the war.

"Hamas made a calculation to provoke the crisis," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Monday in Washington. "They can make the opposite calculation."

I realize it will come as a surprise....but that's not altogether, you know, true.....

one frequently hears the claim that Israel left Gaza in 2005 in order to build peace but all it received was terror.....Israel at the time did not evacuate Gaza as part of the peace process. Then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon explicitly said that Israel "will stay in the territories that will remain." His most senior adviser who was in charge of the disengagement, Dov Weisglass, was even more explicit stating that the plan would freeze the peace process and "prevent the establishment of a Palestinian supplies the amount of formaldehyde that is necessary so there will not be a political process with the Palestinians." This was brought out by the fact that, as mentioned, Gaza was immediately placed under closure - and those who blame the Gazans for not developing their economy post-occupation should be reminded of that. Link

And for all those who have tried to justify Israeli butchery by hypothesizing about what America would do if some group similar to Hamas was firing unaimable, homemade rockets into the U.S.....consider this....

what would America do if it came under rocket fire from Canada or Mexico?....Gaza constitutes under 6 percent of the '67 territory in which a Palestinian state is supposed to be created (Gaza, West Bank, Palestinian East Jerusalem), about 94 percent remains under occupation so under our scenario 94 percent of Canada or Mexico would have remained under a 40 plus year American occupation with settlements and roadblocks, and with the "liberated" 6 percent still under siege.

Which leads to this question..... it totally inconceivable that under such circumstances some of them would have formed hardline armed groups that would even become very popular and use that 6 percent of territory to launch attacks against America?

I present this information not to justify Palestinian violence, but to better comprehend it from a more objective viewpoint. To not be able, or willing, to grasp both sides, (or even multiple sides), of any given problem is to admit a total incapability of solving it.

That's what Bush, Condi and Sean McCormack have been telling us recently. They're telling us, by their unqualified support for Israel's disproportionate display of bloody violence, that they are incapable, and actually, unwilling, to help solve the problem.


Israeli tank fire killed up to 40 Palestinians at a United Nations school in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, medical sources at two Gaza hospitals said. Link



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