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Hardball's Matthews' Gets His Scold On

By The Reverend Published: November 20, 2007

Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's Hardball and a self titled Sunday news show, is part of the Knee Pad Media of whom I often speak so fondly. Matthews is an elitist insider of the worst order. I say that because he fancies himself as an "in-the-know" guy when what he really is, is "a tool of the right", just as Stephanie Miller of AirAmerica fame told him one evening on Hardball.

In the following video clip from last night's Hardball program, watch as Matthews' turns to authoritarian scolding because Michael Crowley of the New Republic dares to call him out on the media's biased treatment of Democratic presidential candidates in general and Al Gore specifically.....

Matthews is INCORRECT with his version of what Gore said about Love Story, or creating the internet, or any of the rest of it. The media embellished and exaggerated and twisted the words of Gore back then just as they are doing with EVERY word Clinton or Obama utter now.

The Knee Padders were the ones who "knew" who should be president in 2000 and that nest of incestous Villagers purposely took Gore down, just as they "know" now who the next president should be and are currently knee deep in kneecapping the Democratic frontrunners each and every day.

Of course Chrissy Matthews has to act all indignant towards Crowley because Crowley was implicating ol' Chrissy himself in Gore's takedown. Good on The New Republic's Michael Crowley.

Hearing Matthews talk about "truth" in his last line of scoolmarming is a scream all in itself.

If you want proof about the Gore/media stuff, it'a all here and here.



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