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Hell Or The End of Days?

By The Reverend Published: March 28, 2011

I guess it could be part of mankind's evolved nature.

When times get tough....humans turn to superstition.

Whether it's crass, opportunistic, carnival barkers like Glenn Beck playing his not-ready-for-prime-time audiences for suckers....using Japan's perfect storm situation as an excuse to bring up the cartoonish, biblical End of Days. Or whether, as I read in the Akron Beacon Journal this morning, it's a new breed of evangelical

booksellers pastors, who want to relitigate the silly notion of a fiery hell......tough and uncertain times seem to breed anew the destructive fungus of religious superstition.

Yes, yes...I know....this is supposed to be a liberal political blogsite, so why am I talking about religion again? Glad you asked.

I would be more than pleased this Monday morning to rail against the oligarchs and the political

whores officials who serve them, but the Republican Party simply will not allow for that. Despite the fact that our Constitution does not permit any religious litmus testing when it comes to holding political office.....the Republican Party cannot avoid parading their candidates before evangelical Christian groups every cycle to determine whether those candidates are sufficiently Christian.

And so it was in Iowa, again, this past weekend.

“We look like Camp Christian out here,” said Doug Gross, a Republican activist and former nominee for governor. “If Iowa becomes some extraneous right-wing outpost, you have to question whether it is going to be a good place to vet your presidential candidates.”

.....a resurgent social conservative movement is shaping the first stage of the presidential nominating contest, complicating the strategy for candidates who prefer to focus on fiscal issues over faith.

Here in and religious conservatives are pressing the likely candidates on issues like same-sex marriage and abortion rather than on jobs, the budget deficit and other economic concerns that leaders of both parties expect to dominate the general election.

What I find disingenuous about the NY Times piece I'm quoting from is the silly notion that Republicans are all....about "budget deficits and other economic concerns". After taking back the House of Representatives last November, Republicans have not offered even one piece of legislation which addresses the nation's unemployment problem.....the slogan of jobs, jobs, jobs during the midterm campaign was simply that, a slogan.

Anyway, among those appearing in Iowa this past weekend were Haley (Marble Mouth) Barbour (R-MISS), the moral one, Newt Gingrich, and the apparently insane lady from Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann who said, “We’ve been told that we need a truce on social issues. I highly disagree with that. Social conservatism is fiscal conservatism.”


There is pandering...and then there is pandering.

The Republican Party of Nixon and Reagan, a much more sane party, actually.....made a huge mistake by tying their political aspirations to the evangelical Christian right. Through hucksters like Ralph Reed and Jerry Falwell, the GOP became more and more identified with the superstitious, and often wild-eyed, evangelical faith. At the time, many more voters openly identified with the Democratic Party and so the GOP sold their political souls to the often-devilish acting Christian evangelicals to stay competitive.

Now, in 2011....with rational solutions needed to real, not faith-based, problems.....GOP candidates for the 2012 presidential primary are stuck pandering to an even more radical evangelical voter base in order to get to the big show. I don't feel sorry....not one little bit...for Republicans. They brought this on themselves.

But one thing for sure.....just as we saw happen in the 2008 presidential race....Republicans will most certainly place an evangelical-winger type on the ticket.

And by doing so, there is not a hell, that they will take back the White House.



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