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Hellbent To Crush Unions

By The Reverend Published: November 11, 2011

Proving that Ohio's SB5 was always about crushing unions, conservative sore losers in the state have quickly regrouped and announced a new plan to.....crush unions.

A new group called Ohioans for Workplace Freedom announced Thursday it is working to collect at least 386,000 valid signatures to get the measure on the ballot, possibly as soon as next November.

“Polling shows overwhelmingly that Ohioans think you shouldn’t have to join a union,” said Tom Zawistowski, of Kent, who is president of the Portage County Tea Party and executive director of the Ohio Liberty Council, which supports the new effort.

“A lot of people in the patriot movement feel this was a key component of Senate Bill 5 that never came out.”

The "key component" that Mr. Executive Tea Party Director is referring to, as Mr. Zawistowski made clear in his e-mail to TEA comrades before the SB5 referendum, is defeating Democrats and electing Republicans at the ballot box by minimizing union funding for Democratic campaigns.

Mr. Zawistowski, apparently, thinks that Ohio voters didn't know what they were doing this past Tuesday when they sent John Kasich's union busting bill to a timely death.

The "patriot movement." Funny. That's what conservatives call union busting thugs now, "the patriot movement." Radical Ohio conservatives, reactionaries actually, never cared one whit about the Ohio budget when crafting SB5....and this blogger repeatedly clarified that point. Now, the Ohio "patriot" losers are responding to a 61%-39% trouncing by announcing they'll push to bust unions in a different way.

"Right to work." Never has Orwellianism been put so succinctly.

22 states have passed "right-to-work" laws. All were passed for the purpose of busting unions. Busting unions hurts Democrats and so it's no surprise that mostly southern states have jumped on the Orwellian bandwagon called "right to work."

Allow The Reverend to set the record straight. "Right to work" laws are welfare laws. "Right to work" laws amount to creating an entirely new crop of welfare workers entitled to special treatment in the workplace. "Right to work" laws are anti-democratic. Here's why...

If a majority of workers in a workplace voted democratically to install a union to represent them in collective bargaining negotiations....employees at that workplace who opt out of belonging to the union or paying union dues still receive the benefits from union bargaining without having to "pay" for the representation that negotiated those benefits. Not only do "right to work" employees freeload on the backs of others in their workplace, they also thumb their noses at the majority-rule, democratic process.

Majority rule is okay for almost all elections, according to "right to work" defenders, except labor representation voting. That seems....I don't know....inconsistent. What it really the doctrine of the whiners. The doctrine that says, 'we're right, everybody else is wrong, and we're willing to sh*tcan the democratic process because we're right.' Infants act like that. Adults accept the premise that in an imperfect world, majority-rule voting is an integral part of the democratic process.

And tell me, why should the person working next to you, doing the same job as you, be treated special? Why should he/she be entitled in some unique way to take full advantage of what others have worked hard to accomplish, without contributing a penny to those who have worked hard to acquire those benefits?

"We’re not against unions,” Zawistowski said. “You should be free to join unions. We’re about individual freedoms.”

Doubletalk. SB5, as Zawistowski himself admitted, was not about "individual freedoms" but, instead, crushing unions so that Democrats would be starved of campaign funding from unions. SB5 was purely political and Mr. TEA Party admitted that. With a new "right to work" initiative for Ohio, Zawistowski and his "patriots" are simply looking to crush their political opponents in the state by other means.

So, no....Ohio TEAs ARE against unions. No, Ohio TEAs, despite the disingenuous rhetoric, are not "about individual freedoms", just their own freedom to crush union workers.

To what end? TEAs are 'roided up supply siders without the intellectual ass to persuade voters that working for less is really, honestly, better for you.....and Ohio. TEAs sound like they are the lead horsemen in the race to the bottom for labor. For "the patriot movement", Ohio workers cannot emulate low-pay China fast enough. Crushing unions through any cockamamie "right to work" doubletalk referendums will only mean that Ohio workers throughout the state will all work for less. Everywhere "right to work" laws exist, workers earn less on average than non right to work states.

Ohio dead-ender conservatives won't take no for an answer apparently. TEA inspired Ohio GOP'ers, led by a Fox News contributor masquerading as a governor, and fresh off a thrashing at the ballot box last Tuesday, are still hellbent on damaging the economic lives of average working Ohioans by sabotaging unions who contribute to their political opponent's campaigns.

Sorry, Ohioans don't want to work for less, nor do they want to abolish unions. They just got done telling the TEAs that very truth on Tuesday.



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