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Hiding In Plain Sight

By The Reverend Published: March 21, 2013

Included in the RNC Autopsy Report which allegedly detailed what went wrong for Republicans in the 2012 general election....are new party guidelines for Republican presidential candidate primaries as well as the Republican Convention.

It seems that GOP leaders believe that last year's GOP presidential primaries, 23 in all, actually did damage to the party's brand. Here's a National Review Online writer stating just that....

Can anyone seriously doubt that the primary was a net negative, not just for eventual nominee Mitt Romney, but for whoever had won, and for the party as a whole? The diffusion of power to the state parties produces an interminable calendar of contests, and that space gets filled by endless debates delivering diminishing returns, while giving the media outsized power to shape the narrative to boot.

In the Republican Autopsy Report.....I just love typing that.....the authors recommend cutting the total number of RNC primaries in half and starting them earlier than in previous cycles. And they're not kidding around. 10-12 RNC debates, the last to be completed no later than May.....with this penalty kicker for stubborn candidates....

The possibility of penalizing candidates and/or state parties (perhaps through
the RNC rules process) through the loss of delegates to the convention if they
do not abide by the potential new debate structure.

In addition to cutting the total number of GOP primaries in half, the Autopsy calls for holding the Republican National Convention no later than July with primaries ending no later than May 15.

One specific Autopsy recommendation has upset the Tea Party Patriots....specifically the Ron & Rand Paul contingency.....

We also recommend broadening the base of the Party and inviting as many voters as possible into the Republican Party by discouraging conventions and caucuses for the purpose of allocating delegates to the national convention. Our party needs to grow its membership, and primaries seem to be a more effective way to do so. The greater the number of people who vote in a Republican primary, the more likely they will turn out and vote again for the Republican candidate in the fall election.

Caucuses are the Paul family's strong suit....the Autopsy discourages holding caucuses. Draw your own conclusion.

My take.

Republicans still believe that our national corporate media is liberally biased. It's not, of course, and really never has been. If anything, corporate media serves those who are powerful....from powerful politicians to powerful corporate, religious and business leaders. Additionally, as any objective observer over time will attest, corporate media is wired for the Republican Party. (Prime example: Why is corporate media spending so much time just a couple months away from Obama's second inauguration....examining which GOP candidate would be the best for 2016?)

The GOP has convinced it's base that the big, bad, liberal, lamestream media is out to get Republicans, and so having all those lamestream media GOP debates gives more opportunity for the liberal lamestreamers to bash, trick and criticize Republican candidates. Conclusion: have fewer debates.

That's the excuse GOP leaders, like Krispees, will give to the Republican base....but I'm thinking that's not the real reason for cutting back to 10 primary debates. I mean, when has a political operative ever encouraged less candidate exposure, instead of more?

Fewer primaries....fewer questions for Republican candidates to answer. Fewer primaries....fewer opportunities for GOP candidates to explain their support for very unpopular policy positions. Fewer primaries...less exposure to questions of the anti-science variety. Fewer chances for GOP candidates to 'slip up' and tell the truth about what the party thinks about such things as ....rape, contraception, abortion, creationism, climate change, etc.

Yes, as Chris Matthews said yesterday, the Autopsy's primary recommendations are an attempt to minimize the damage from public expressions of Republican policy. From neo-con imperialism to voodoo economics.....from policies humiliating to women to policies humiliating to gays...from confederate policies of nullification to anti-union, anti-worker policies....GOP policies are not popular. What better way to avoid over-exposure of those very unpopular policies than by reducing  primary exposure by half.

The GOP wants to hide in plain sight.



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