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High Priests Of Our Capitalistic Cult

By The Reverend Published: December 4, 2012

One paragraph from a letter to the editor in today's Akron Beacon Journal.....

"What is clear to me is that this country is in deep financial trouble. And the trouble is not Wall Street"s fault, and it is not China's fault, and it's not the demonized 1 percent's fault. It is our fault. We simply want way, way, more than we are willing to pay for."

Immediately following the Big Bankster-caused financial collapse of 2008, there has been what I consider to be a phony meme pro-actively woven into our public discourse-quilt that places the responsibility for the Bankster Heist on all Americans....all Americans, that is, except for the wealthiest and most powerful.

In this way of thinking, all Americans are guilty for the sins of a few well-heeled, scheme-spinning, New York paper shufflers. As the letter writer states....the reason America's economy is less than robust is because all of us just want way, way too much stuff we're unwilling to pay for.

It's our fault that Wall Street Banksters gambled away America's near-term future....resulting in the elimination of over $12 trillion in national purchasing power.

And when something is your fault....what happens? Consequences....

Enter Meet the Press host, David Gregory....Tennesssee GOP Senator and former used car salesman, Bob Corker....along with center-right Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill to explain what those consequences should be....

SEN. CORKER: Well, I think-- I think that both-- look, I have laid out in great detail very painful cuts to-- to Medicare......The fact is--Claire knows this, I know this--there are serious reforms that have to take place in Medicare for our country to become solvent.

GREGORY: Name some specific programs that ought to be cut that would cause pain in terms of the role of our government that Democrats are prepared to support.

SEN. CORKER: David-- but-- and as much as I love Claire, those are not the painful cuts that have to happen. I mean, we’d really have to look at much deeper reforms to entitlements...

What should be the consequences for the American people for, I guess, wanting way, way too much stuff? PAIN. Americans must be sufficiently punished for their sins of wanting way, way too much stuff. One way to properly punish the American people for their selfish and irresponsible ways is to smash and slash the government's national healthcare program for the elderly.

Sure, slashing Medicare will be painful for elderly Americans, especially those who are sick....but it's just what we deserve for being so doggone selfish....always wanting way, way more stuff than we're willing to pay for.

Medicare did not cause the financial collapse. Elderly Americans did not cause the financial collapse. Medicaid recipients didn't cause the financial collapse. Food stamp and unemployment enrollees did not cause the financial collapse. The 46% of Americans who currently receive some form of government subsidy did not cause the financial collapse.

Instead, elected officials and FED chairs and on-their-honor Banksters, Appraisers, Regulators and Mortgage Brokers created the financial collapse. One might think that in a modern world any painful consequences would be reserved for those who actually greedily conspired to wreck the national economy.....but no. According to Gregory and Corker.....and a host of other Village 'pain directors' is the elderly, the sick, the vulnerable, those who have very little clout or power....who must be painfully punished for the sins they had no part in committing.

All of this is a very reminiscent of the ancient cults of Judaism and Christianity....or the Mayans. If harvests were lean, high priests of those cults sacrificed animals....or appease the invisible gods who, they were convinced, must be angry at the people for their disobedience.

Of course, the people had nothing to do with the scant harvest. But that didn't matter. Pain, punishment, sacrifice and sometimes, death, were required to appease the gods.

Our modern American capitalistic cult resembles the ancient blood-sacrifice cults. The Divine hand of the free market cult can never can only be is infallible. Market collapses, like the one we're still digging out from under, happen because the free market god is displeased with the behavior of average American citizens. You see, in our current case, average American citizens just want way, way too much stuff that they don't want to pay for.

The high priests of our capitalistic cult, like Bob Corker and David Gregory, know the way out of our economic dilemma. They know what the free market god demands before he will once again smile upon our national GDP. Pain, punishment and sacrifice from our poorest, our oldest and our most vulnerable. Nothing else will suffice. Nothing else will appease the god of our capitalistic cult.

No pain or punishment of any kind for the high priests of our national capitalistic tax rate increases, no new strict regulatory controls, no accountability for the high priests themselves.....just "painful" cuts, "very painful cuts", cuts which "cause pain" to millions of poor, elderly and vulnerable citizens.

In days of old, those religious cult leaders were called High Priests. Today's capitalistic cult Leaders should be called Monsters.



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