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Hijacking The 9-11 Commemoration

By The Reverend Published: September 10, 2013

The Reverend has never fully understood turning 9-11-01 into a national yearly commemoration. Many will disagree here and that's fine.....yet, still, it has always struck me as odd. Whatever your opinion, the national commemoration of 9-11 is happening again tomorrow. It's our 12th commemoration.

But this year.....there's something brand new for Teas and many conservatives to commemorate. On a sunny morning twelve years ago, hijackers commandeered 4 U.S. commercial flights, ran them into buildings, killing a total of 2996 people in Washington, New York and a field in Pennsylvania. It was the largest ever attack of the "homeland." The infamous day, in my opinion, wrongly, changed our entire nation.

But 9-11-01 will not be what Teas will be commemorating tomorrow on the steps of the Capitol. Oh, no. Teas are the folks who are taking their country back....and, apparently, taking their country back includes taking back the yearly commemoration of 9-11.

Patriots4America, and other like-minded groups, are encouraging true patriots to join them tomorrow.....

In respectful remembrance of the 4 brave Americans
Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods
lost on 9/11 in Benghazi and the blatant lack of transparency by the Obama Administration in regards to this or ANY other matter! and to Demand a full and Complete restoration of the Constitution of these United States of America to the governing rule of law as laid out in its entirety within the Constitution of The United States of America! and to remove any and all associations with, implementations of, or adherence to any laws from ANY other nations, cultures or foreign entities Specifically but not limited to Islam !

Tomorrow's Patriots4America counterfeit 9-11 commemoration is for the purpose of ginning up enough congressional support to pressure the House into appointing a Select Committee to further investigate the Tea Party's new updated version of 9-11.....the tragic deaths of four U.S. citizens in Benghazi, Libya last September 11th.

Tomorrow's new Tea commemoration version of 9-11 is being promoted by Ginni Thomas' (wife of Clarence) Groundswell group. Read about Groundswell here. Groundswell's one and only objective in hijacking the 9-11 commemoration is to attempt to do political damage to Hillary Clinton leading up to the presidential election of 2016.

Hillary was Secretary of State when the Benghazi attack occurred and Patriots everywhere see that fact as all the evidence they need to pre-emptively derail her ambition to become our first female president. These Patriots4America may be excited about their prospects of wounding Hillary Clinton with hijacked 9-11 commemoration the same way they are excited about their own self-importance and self-righteousness in "taking their country back". But hijacking the commemoration of 9-11 and twisting the twelve-year anniversary into a political hatchet with Benghazi engraved on the handle......ain't gonna help their "cause."

But man is it fitting.

Teas have their own version of U.S. history, their own version of science, their own version of economics (voodoo), the right to vote, states rights.....their own version of almost everything that has to do with our nation. It seems appropriate, somehow, for Teas to have their own version of 9-11. A version which places more emphasis on commemorating the tragic deaths of four Americans at a Benghazi mission last year than on the 2996 who were slaughtered on 9-11-01. I would call this taking back their real time. Opinions may vary.

A false flag 9-11 commemoration, so to speak, is so fitting for the Teas because, as a wide majority of Americans now realize, the Teas have only, and always, been about returning Republicans to White House and Senate power. Teas, as rambunctious as they seem to non-Tea Republicans, only have one goal. Take our country back to pre-New Deal America.....where "freedom" is understood as the right of the already rich become even richer.

If bastardizing the commemoration of 9-11, offering a counterfeit commemoration, turning even the 9-11 commemoration into a political narrative duel, will help....even a little smearing Hillary Clinton in the run-up to November 2016.....the Patriots are all-in.

Yes, it's reprehensible......and embarrassing.....but also, promising as well. That type of desperation....the type which would deceive, mislead, twist, distort and lie about almost a sure indication that the failed conservative movement of America is on the cusp of irrelevancy.



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