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Hillary Confuses The Reverend

By The Reverend Published: September 17, 2007


Now, right off the bat, I admit I confuse easily. Must be all those voices in my head vying for the top spot. But having said that, let's examine some of what Hillary said today about health care in America....

"It's long past time that Americans and the richest of all countries realize that health care is a right and not a privilege," Clinton told a union meeting in Chicago on Monday.

Now, us simple minded folks would hear this from Mrs. Clinton and think she means that "health care is a right". So if health care is a right, and not a privilege, that all Americans are entitled to, how would Hillary propose to put that right into practice?

The New York senator and Democratic presidential candidate would mandate that all Americans buy health insurance... much as states require all drivers to have licenses.

Quicker and slicker than a pickpocket, I'd say. When Hillary said stuff like "health care is a right" that is "long past time" all Americans enjoyed.....she really meant to say that health insurance companies are the ones who have the "right" and the "privilege" inside America. Not the people who need health care.

"...mandate that all Americans buy health insurance..." Hillary Clinton's plan is similar to that other sleight of hand Congressional trick we witnessed in the Medicare Plan D bill. Medicare Plan D only became available if retirees bought....wait for it....more insurance. Remember? Seniors would have all those myriads of competing plans to buy from. Access to medicine, I'm sure, was something everyone agreed at the time was a "right" for American seniors too. But the "right" of insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies had to be served first.

"This is not government run," she said. "There will be no new bureaucracies. You can keep the doctors you know and trust." Link

Mrs. Reverend and I have had good health insurance coverage for the last 10 years or so, and you know what? We can't "keep the doctors" we "know and trust".....not if they aren't in that ever problematic "network". Oh, I guess we could "keep the doctors", if we were willing to, you know, pay more.

Perhaps the answer for those who actually have health insurance is to, like, buy even more insurance. Huh?

Mrs. Clinton would have been more truthful if she would have simply said...

"It's long past time that Americans and the richest of all countries realize that health insurance companies are privileged and have the right to have each and every American purchase one of their policies."

Much more accurate.



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