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Hitching Your Political Wagon To Religious Extremists

By The Reverend Published: October 2, 2007


What happens to a national political party that must rely on an evangelical block of American voters to win elections, when that evangelical block decides to support a third party candidate? I'll tell you after you read this....

Sept. 30, 2007 | WASHINGTON -- A powerful group of conservative Christian leaders decided Saturday at a private meeting in Salt Lake City to consider supporting a third-party candidate for president if a pro-choice nominee like Rudy Giuliani wins the Republican nomination.

The meeting of about 50 leaders, including Focus on the Family's James Dobson, the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins and former presidential candidate Gary Bauer, who called in by phone, took place at the Grand America Hotel during a gathering of the Council for National Policy, a powerful shadow group of mostly religious conservatives. James Clymer, the chairman of the U.S. Constitution Party, was also present at the meeting, according to a person familiar with the proceedings.

"The conclusion was that if there is a pro-abortion nominee they will consider working with a third party," said the person, who spoke to Salon on the condition of anonymity. The private meeting was not a part of the official CNP schedule, which is itself a closely held secret. "Dobson came in just for this meeting," the person said. Link

The Republican Party under the direction of TurdBlossom and Asssociates decided a while back to cater to the evangelical right. Indeed, it worked, elections were won. But every action has a reaction and all, it would appear, with Rudy Giuliani remaining as the GOP presdiential favorite, that same block of voters is looking elsewhere.

The very group Rove took special care to nurture through his hate and devisive tactics of attacking gays, science, women, stem cell research, abortion, and minorities would rather support a third party candidate, it sounds like, rather than to vote for a GOP candidate like Rudy who is not "socially conservative".

The odds of a Rudy Giuliani presidency, if indeed the evangelicals go elsewhere, would fall in between those two hillwilliams, Slim and Nun.

That's what happens when you hitch up your small tent covered political wagon to extreme religionists.



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