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Hollowing Out American Unity Thru Phony Narratives

By The Reverend Published: June 6, 2014

More on the Sgt Bowe Bergdahl matter for those who are interested.

Yesterday I referred readers to the NY Times piece reporting that "Republican strategists" arranged interviews with members of Sgt. Bergdahl's platoon. I asked why...if not to turn Bergdahl's release by the Obama administration into yet another hysterical rightwing political shite-fit.

A former Bush administration official who was hired, then resigned, as Mitt Romney’s foreign policy spokesman played a key role in publicizing critics of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the released prisoner of war.

The involvement of Richard Grenell, who once served as a key aide to Bush-era U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton and later worked for Romney’s 2012 campaign, comes as the Bergdahl release has turned into an increasingly vicious partisan issue.

What's revealing is which "journalistic" outfits "Republican strategist", Richard Grenell, decided to include in the interviews with Bergdahl's platoon members....

The same soldiers also did interviews with The Weekly Standard, the Daily Mail, the Wall Street Journal, and Fox News.

Platoon member Cody Full has been the most critical of Sgt. Bergdahl....

In a tweet on Monday, Full thanked Grenell for “helping get our platoon’s story out.” Grenell responded by calling Full a “True American Hero.”

As Gawker pointed out, Full is an unabashed conservative, using his Twitter account in the past to criticize a “libtard” and mock those who advocate a minimum wage hike.

I include those tidbits not to excoriate Cody Full, but to demonstrate the platoon member's political point of view. It is noteworthy to the story.

We've been in the eye of yet another GOP hurricane of political bullshite since the weekend. Congress didn't know.....but Congress had been briefed. Obama broke the 30-day notification law....but if the deal leaked, (a guarantee if Obama briefed congressional members 30 days before the swap) the Taliban had threatened to kill Bergdahl. Republicans said Bergdahl looked healthy to them as he walked to the helicopter.....yet senators who saw the December 2013 video of Bergdahl yesterday said Bergdahl appeared to be in failing health.

I'm relatively sure that accusations of desertion can be determined and dealt with through normal military channels.

That leaves the claim by raging conservatives and despisers of President Obama that " six soldiers died searching for Bergdahl".....

The furious search for Sergeant Bergdahl, his critics say, led to the deaths of at least two soldiers and possibly six others in the area. Pentagon officials say those charges are unsubstantiated and are not supported by a review of a database of casualties in the Afghan war.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel yesterday...."I don't know of circumstances or details of U.S. soldiers dying as a result of efforts to find and rescue Sgt. Bergdahl," said Mr. Hagel.

The most intense search operation, leaked war reports show, (thanks to Chelsea Manning and WikiLeaks) wound down after eight days — well before the deaths of six soldiers on patrols in Paktika Province in late August and early September.

Other than the claims of desertion, critics of Obama's prisoner swap are left with only their partisan dinghus in their hands, such as it is. And that is why in their latest criticisms, conservative haters of all things Obama have been resorting to arguing that Bergdahl should have been left to die. When all your hysterical wingnut talking points are proven to be manufactured lies and deceptions......when carefully planned political exploitation of service members is so quickly revealed as such.....I guess there's always the violent approach.

What is truly astonishing, as with the Benghazi non-scandal, is the lengths to which desperate "Republican strategists" will now go in exploiting armed services personnel for, what Republicans hope, will turn into political gain and power.

Good on President Obama, a man with whom I have numerous, and serious, disagreements, for coming out yesterday in the wake of all the fabricated, flying feces inside the Beltway...and saying...."I make absolutely no apologies" in making the swap.

One final note. Sooner or later, the U.S. is going to be confronted with what I will call 'the clash of narratives." A point where empirical reality hits right wing manufactured reality like a ton of bricks. I'm not Nostrdamus, so I can't predict what it will be.....but as sure as I'm typing this, it will come. Can America survive such a clash of narratives?

Clashing narratives is mostly responsible for the neutering of two branches of the federal government right now. Congress has been rendered null and void by Republican intransigence, much of it built on an entirely bogus narratives of reality. The Activist Roberts Court believes in a phony narrative where money=speech, a corporation=a person, and racism is over.

The Bergdahl "controversy" is but the most recent example of empirical reality running headlong into the right wing's faux narrative. I'd bet that we'll emerge from this "controversy" with both contradictory narratives fully in tact.....awaiting the next "scandal."

The question is: will our nation unite as one if the bogus narrative creation from the right wing is finally vaporized in a terrible, perhaps tragically so, clash of narratives event? Or would such an event simply be another opportunity for more faux narratives?

It's a coin toss, at best.



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