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Hopelessly Dishonest Media

By The Reverend Published: June 24, 2009

The first four minutes sets the stage...

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In the Village of the Goddamned, Republicans, no matter how far down they are in the minority, no matter how few Americans identify with their party, no matter how irrelevant or bizarre their clueless rhetoric is, no matter how badly their leadership has damaged our nation.....are still, and forevermore, the Very Serious People whose words always carry substantial gravitas.

That's why by a 2-1 margin over Democrats, Republicans appeared on teevee media before the stimulus bill was passed. That's why Dick and Liz Cheney appeared on teevee media 22 times in a two week period, to filibuster in favor of American torture.

That's why, despite the truth that Rachel Maddow pointed out last night about Obama being consistent from the beginning on what he has said about Iran, all the Big Name Villagers insist that the President changed course in his wording yesterday about that country.

It's all very dishonest, ignorant and embarassing.....but that's the state of America's corporate media today. I've seen piles of manure with more integrity than today's American media.....and much more valuable.

CBS' Chip Reid ...."Were you influenced at all (on Iran) by John McCain or Lindsay Graham calling you timid and weak?"

NBC's Chuck Todd..."Why not spell out the consequences for Iran?"

FOX's Major (Assh*le) Garrett....."What took you so long?" ( Allegedly, to speak out about Iran.)

All those questions are a variation of the same question. The Republican question. Because, apparently, Knee Padders think Republicans, despite the lowest approval ratings ever, are seen as the Very Serious People.....and even though that one question is ignorant and dishonest, if Republicans keep saying definition, it must be taken Very Seriously.

See, it's not that Obama hasn't been consistent with his words from the beginning of the Iranian election crisis. He has, as Rachel clearly demonstrated. It's that the Knee Pad members have, by osmosis, absorbed the Republican talking points on Iran, as ragingly ignorant as they are, and accepted those ignorant talking points as coming from Very, Very Serious GOP'ers Who Should Still Be Running Things.

And that leads me to today's reprint in the AB Journal of the AP's Villager representative, Jennifer Loven. Under the entirely false headline, "Obama toughens rhetoric on Iran's violence", Ms. Loven says in her first sentence that Obama's words yesterday were....

"a clear toughening of his rhetoric as Republican critics at home pound him as being too passive.

His appearance came as his approval rating — while still high, and a little above average for new presidents — was slipping, according to recent polls. (WTF?.....65% approval is "slipping"?)

The president took the podium after a troublesome week for the new administration. (Which included) Republicans challenging him to be stronger in his response to the postelection turmoil in Iran."

No question as to whom Ms. Loven thinks should be taken seriously.

But the dishonesty is even worse. Nowhere in Loven's piece does she include quotes from Obama's previous and consistent message about Iran. Instead, because it's no longer the role of media members to inform us who's telling the truth, the AP writer simply, and only, says this....

"Obama said his message has been consistent,.....

Obama strongly countered the idea that he's been slow to forcefully respond to Iran's violent crackdown on dissent.

''I don't think that's accurate,'' Obama said. ''Track what I've been saying.''

The president said he quickly responded after the election results and after violence broke out in the streets of Tehran,....

''We've been entirely consistent,'' Obama said.

Ask yourself.....why wouldn't an Expert Professional take the 60 seconds or so it would take to look up the exact words previously stated by Obama about Iran? Wouldn't that have quickly cleared up who was telling the truth?

The reasons Jennifer Loven, and a host of likeminded Knee Pad Media members, refuse to inform readers and viewers about the truth are twofold....'s he said-he said stenographers no longer believe that it's their job to tell us who's telling the truth.'s media stenographers, despite huge majorities by Democrats and last November's Republican ass-whooping, still believe that Republicans are the ones to be taken seriously, the ones who should still be running the country.

And that explains how Bush/Cheney got away with defrauding Congress and the American people into attacking and occupying the non-threatening nation of Iraq. That's how the numerous crimes and violations of the Constitution by Bush/Cheney went unaddressed.....and never will be addressed. That's why even "liberal" media outlets, like NPR, to this day, refuse to use the word "torture" to describe....well....torture.

Willingly ignorant and deceptively dishonest.



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