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Hoping Obama Fails

By The Reverend Published: March 4, 2009

UPDATED below.

Just what does it mean when radio host Rush Limbaugh, and now many others, say they hope Obama fails? What does that mean? And what would it look like, if indeed, Obama failed? Is "hoping for Obama failure" the same as hoping for American failure? And if it it treasonous to root openly for America's failure?

Here's a one minute piece of...Rush, when he first called for Obama to fail....

Here's 46 seconds of Rush from Saturday's CPAC, where he flounders while seeking some equivalency for his "I want Obama to fail"....

In addition here, I also heard Tom DeLay and Rick Santorum call for Obama to this is not simply the brain-damaged, rage-trash of one sick radio emcee.

Let's evaluate the exact wording of Limbaugh....

"If his mission is to restructure and reform this country so that capitalism and individual liberty are not it's foundations. Why would I want that to succeed?"

I love this part. The deconstruction part. Just love it.

Barack Obama, as he campaigned, has proposed, now as president, that he would lower taxes on 95% of working Americans, while raising taxes on 5% of tax paying Americans, the richest 5%, those making more than $250K per year. Additionally, Obama has proposed an increase in the capital gains tax rates, from 15% to 20%, keeping the estate tax but raising the minimum estate value exempted from such a tax, and limiting the amount of mortgage interest that is deductible.

How does returning our tax schedules to 1993 levels eliminate as the nation's "foundation", "capitalism and individual freedom?" During the 90's, when some 20 million new jobs were created, when average working Americans actually saw their buying power increase slightly, and when capitalistic freedom was never more apparent with all the investment monies that were available......during the 90's, had Bill Clinton eliminated the American foundation of capitalism and individual liberty?

The answer to Rush's, admittedly, rhetorical question, "why would I want that to succeed?" the nation succeeds as it did under virtually identical tax rate circumstances during the Clinton administration. That's the correct answer. Rush knows that's the correct answer....but if a Democratic President Obama's economic plan succeeds, then Republican Party hopes are futher diminished. Republican open resistance to Obama's plan would be rewarded with a futher kicking to the curb by the voters of the already-under-seige GOP.

If Limbaugh wants Obama to fail on the two other major fronts, health care and energy.....which, theoretically, could be included in the rant statement about, "individual freedom",.....then further deconstruction is necessary.

First, energy. Scientific experts agree N. America doesn't have enough oil under the ground to ever sustain U.S. current demand. Commodities-trading shysters, aware of the last statement, openly and unforgiveably manipulated an oil bubble that resulted in $4 per gallon gasoline, $5 per gallon diesel, as well as a sense of powerlessness throughout the nation.

President Obama wants to remove that ever-present threat by seriously going all-in on alternative energy. From cap and trade, to wind and solar, to electric and battery powered vehicles, Obama's "restructuring" of America's long neglected energy situation is anything but a removal of "indivual liberty" as our nation's "foundation." It's just the opposite. Obama's energy plans are strengthening our indivual liberty and insuring our "capitalistic" survival.

Health care. The best that can be said about our national health care system is..."clusterf*ck." Not because doctors, nurses, technicians, know, those who actually provide health care,....are doing anything wrong, but because of the layers of for-profit paper and money shufflers who dictate health care terms while simultaneously working to deny as many American health care claims as possible.

This system has greatly hampered American employers, provided lower overall health care quality as compared to other industrialized nations, and made health insurance unaffordable. President Obama's plan is to give Americans more choices by allowing one of those choices to be Medicare. This plan will force health insurance companies to lower their prices or face extinction by the, you know, "market."

In a crisis situation, which is what our health care system has created, capitalism will be maintained through the offering of more choices to consumers, individual liberty will be maintained by allowing consumers to MAKE those choices.

How does that, according to Limbaugh, amount to a "restructuring and reforming of our country", so that "capitalism and indivual liberty" are not it's "foundations?"

In summary. President Obama's plans, as I've set forward, do not change America's foundation of capitalism and individual liberty, assuming those ARE the foundations....and not the Constitution. Rush Limbaugh's wanting Obama to fail, wanting Obama's plans to fail, is admitting, really, that he wants America to fail. Rush wants America to have fewer health care choices and he wants those choices to remain unaffordable. Rush wants taxes on the wealthiest, the group he belongs to, to never go up and always come down. Rush wants America to moronically,"drill, baby, drill", rather than pursue a new energy agenda that might cut into the profits of his rich friends for a time.

Rush Limbaugh wants Obama to fail. He wants him to fail so that Republicans can rush back into power and save the day. Limbaugh would rather see the nation, all 300,000 million of us, endure more hardship and suffering, than for his alleged god, economic conservatism, to be proven out by Obama to be a hopeless failure.

Someone who openly cheers for his country to fail is, by definition, a traitor.

From the Onion....


The entire country today admitted that it “didn’t mean it” when it elected Barack Obama president, in direct disobeyance of orders from petulant American dictator, Rush Limbaugh."




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