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Hostage Nation

By The Reverend Published: March 16, 2009

As I see it, America, the nation of 300 million, is being held hostage.

It is as if specific and powerful interests have kidnapped the population, placed knives against our collective throats, and then have continually sent ranson notes warning that the kidnappers will slit those throats if the proper authorities do not do exactly as the kidnappers demand.


While this morning's "news" is about AIG doling out taxpayer bailout monies to other banks from whom they were taking bookie bets's a piece from one of many ransom notes AIG officials have sent .....

An AIG report to the Treasury Department last month warned that if the government didn't come to its rescue again, its collapse would trigger a "chain reaction of enormous proportion" that would "potentially bankrupt or bring down the entire system" and make it impossible for AIG to repay the billions it already owed the U.S. government.

Four days later, AIG was given $30 billion in federal aid on top of the $130 billion it had already received.

A draft of the report, obtained by ABC News, was marked "strictly confidential." It said, "The failure of AIG would cause turmoil in the U.S. economy and global markets and have multiple and potentially catastrophic unforeseen consequences."

Paraphrasing AIG's kidnapping justification....

'Yeah, we f*cked everything up, we admit that, but if the taxpayers don't give us all the cash we need to pay off our irresponsible gambling debts to all our Big Bank Gambling Buddies, then we can't help it if the nation's collective throat gets slashed. We don't want to do the slashing, but if we don't get the money soon, we have no choice.'

We're being held hostage by huge financial industry giants who are "too big to fail." Huge financial industry players, though totally bankrupt on paper and seemingly powerless, still control the nation. The ransom notes are the evidence.

Foreign policy....

Last week I blogged on the Israeli Lobby's successful 'kidnapping' of American foreign policy interests made manifest in the blackballing of Charles Freeman, named by President Obama to work directly under DNI Director Dennis Blair. Freeman spoke to CNN's Fareed Zakaria yesterday.....


American foreign policy discussions and decisions, and who is allowed to do the discussing and the deciding, is being held hostage by the extremist right wing Israeli Lobby in America. It's as if the Israeli Lobby in our country has a knife to our collective throats threatening to scream anti-semitism at the top of their lungs if anyone the least bit objective about Israeli policies is allowed to hold an official foreign intelligence position.

The Dick...yesterday....

The Dick, and those who think like the Dick, are still holding the nation for ransom using fear. For 7 years, their ransom note to all of us amounted to....'if we are not permitted to do as we please, including savagery, denying basic rights, extraordinary rendition kidnapping for savage torture purposes, wiretapping Americans at will, establishing secret assassination squads, wars of choice even though fraudulently ginned up, no oversight or accountability of our actions or decisions, and all of this to be done in total secrecy.....if we are not permitted to carry out all these activities.....the nation we're holding hostage, will be harmed, possibly fatally.'

Yesterday, The Dick held up his own ransom note for Obama to read, 'You, President Obama, by your challenging of all of our evil, lying and illegal actions, have made America "less safe."

Schrub and The Dick have been out of power for a couple months, yet they continue to send threatening ransom notes to the nation, and naturally, Village media continue to post those ransom notes.


In spite of massive public opinion stating opposition to honoring the kidnapping tactics and ransom notes of those mentioned above, (complete with a total rejection in the last election of the tactics used by these same kidnappers)....the Village corporate media has doubled down with their own ransom notes to all of us.

There's the laughable, "average American", Rick Santelli media ransom note, the astonishingly un-self aware "Obama started the fight with lunatic Rush Limbaugh" ransom note, the '2 Republicans for every Democrat' voices heard in the runup to the Obama stimulus bill ransom note, the Obama is doing too much too soon, ransom note, the fashionable 'Obama is a socialist' ransom note that's still circulating.....and on and on I could go.

The corrupt corporate media's ransom note, in real terms, reads like this....

'We know what's best, 300 million Americans do not. Our job is not to investigate and find out what is the truth. Our job is to do the bidding of the most powerful monied interests in our nation. We daily write a "kinder and gentler" ransom note to all of our American captives. We don't want to harm anyone, really, but silly Americans just don't know what they're asking for when they demand that we tell the truth. That's not our role. We can't tell Americans the genuine truth, that would simply be too dangerous.'

The official (whatever that could possibly mean) position of the U.S. government when faced with hostage situations has been to NEVER pay ransom.

Ironically, that's all America ever does.



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