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How Corporate Media Keep Us Divided

By The Reverend Published: May 20, 2013

Red states, blue states. Wingnuts, moonbats. Fox, MSNBC.

Our nation's politics have divided us into two opposing camps. The results have not been constructive. Last week we were reminded once again, (as if we needed a reminder) how much damage our bloodless political civil war is doing to our society's unity....our "one nation, indivisible..."

That division is threatening the future of our country. Ours is a rapidly changing world. More so now than ever because of the snowballing of new and highly sophisticated technologies. Now is not the time to be politically fiddling, or arguing, while Rome burns. Now is the time to unite and build up the American enterprise.....not divide ourselves into mutually-assured-destruction political camps of red and blue.

When I began blogging awhile of the reasons was what I saw as a failed and often corrupt main media industry which had turned its back on objectivity and empirical-evidence-based reporting for the sake of profits. Many years have now gone by.....and the corporate media situation today is worse than ever.

The number one cable news network in terms of viewership is the Fox News Network. Today, Fox is widely known for its Republican Party advocacy. From Fox's sponsorship and promotion of Tea Party events in Fox's promotion of Fast and Furious, the New Black Panthers, and the destruction of the more recent Benghazi, IRS and AP alleged scandals.......Fox has literally become the communications arm of the GOP.

Apparently, ABC now wants a piece of the Republican Party advocacy pie. And, of course, I'm referring to the E-mail-palooza story launched the beginning of last week when ABC's Jonathan Karl conspired with a still-unnamed Republican to spin a complete lie to the American people over the White House-released Benghazi talking points e-mails....and pass it off as a "breaking news" ABC exclusive.

On May 10, Jonathan Karl wrote this.....

ABC News has obtained 12 different versions of the talking points that show they were extensively edited....

White House emails reviewed by ABC News suggest the edits were made with extensive input from the State Department.

At the time, ABC News had not "reviewed" "White House e-mails".....neither had ABC News "obtained" the numerous versions of Benghazi talking points. Instead, a still-unnamed Republican source gave Jonathan Karl this version of part of one of the e-mails....most likely over the phone......"We must make sure that the talking points reflect all agency equities, including those of the State Department, and we don't want to undermine the FBI investigation."

Problem is.....after the White House released the authentic is what that one sentence actually said.....

"We need to resolve this in a way that respects all of the relevant equities, particularly the investigation."

The nuance may be subtle, but the intention is clear. The Republican who "leaked" a phony version of that e-mail to ABC's Karl intended to inflict political damage on Hillary Clinton, making it appear as if specifically shielding the Hillary-led State Department from criticism was the intent of those putting the Benghazi e-mails together.

After the White House released 100 e-mails having to do with the construction of the Benghazi talking points....CNN's Jake Tapper ratted out Jon Karl for his exclusive fabrication.

Now, in typical Fox form....ABC's Karl has issued a non-apology apology. You can read the weasel-words of the non-apology here. Make no mistake.....what ABC did through Jonathan Karl was not journalism, it was GOP advocacy. The same work of GOP advocacy which the entire Fox News Network does 24/7. What Karl did was not an accident....not some mistake....but purposeful and with intent. The proof is seen in his non-apology. Even former Foxian and current CBS reporter Major Garrett called bullshite on ABC's exclusive.

Which brings me back full circle to where I started. Karl's falsified report immediately worked its intended divisive magic. Right wing media went all in on this new Hillary/White House "scandal." The entirely fabricated story instantly became 'the Obama White House orchestrated the assembly of the Benghazi talking points making sure that likely 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, escaped any blame or responsibility for.....fill-in-the-blank.' The truth, as made clear when the actual e-mails were released by the White House, was that the White House played virtually no leading role in the discussions over the talking point wording.

But ABC, and Jonathan Karl, and a still-unnamed GOP source had successfully added divisive hysteria to our already divided political discourse.

If Fox can rise to the lucrative number one position in cable "news" by lying, misrepresenting and advocating for conservative and Republican ideology without giving a second thought to accuracy, fairness or the truth....why not ABC?

The result? Further polarization of our two primary political groups, wider divisions between left and right. Promoting bitter divisions and us-versus-them amplifications....even if made up from matter how divisive or damaging it is to our national unity and the potential progress of our country.



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