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How FOX Distorts

By The Reverend Published: November 1, 2009

It says something about a free nation when truth can only be told using comedy as a frame. Reminds me of how blacks were first introduced into television. While no major, mainstream, corporate-whore media members examined the 800 pound gorilla question in the room...."Is FOX a news organization?".....Jon Stewart quickly went to work answering that, apparently, taboo question....

See how it's done? The, self-admitted, "non-news" players on FOX create the "stories" that the "real-news" FOX players, then, report on.

Hey, at least FOX keeps everything in house.

The Villagers simply had no time to examine whether one of their fellow KneePadded members was really only an opinion outlet and not a news know, like the White House suggested. Oh, no.....the "story" quickly became how stupid and wrongheaded Obama was for attacking FOX. Overnight, Obama became Nixon...because, I suppose, Villagers are "liberal."

Digby reflects...

"The Right Wing Noise Machine of the past 20 years has always laundered its dirt through foreign papers and Drudge, which would then filter into the mainstream press. But in the fast paced internet era they can't waste the time, so they simply launder it through Beck, to the Fox "news" people, then into the mainstream press. It's a much more efficient operation.

I think Obama was smart to pick the fight. It at least raises questions that will force the mainstream press to take a breath before they jump in. It won't stop them entirely, of course, but it might slow them down a little bit. This is probably the best we can hope for."


UPDATE: Here's a Republican senator agreeing with Stewart and Digby...

"We don't need The Washington Post to cover things anymore," said staunch conservative Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.). "Something can get on a conservative blog, then on Fox News, then it's everywhere."

UPDATE 2: Just for fun...


Ultra-conservative, Murdoch-owned, Wall Street Journal....Friday on the Obama stimulus.....


Think Wall Street Journal writers were drinking kool-aid at their corporate Halloween bash?



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