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How Glenn Beck Promotes Violence

By The Reverend Published: July 22, 2010

Yesterday it was conservatives inciting the political lynching of Obama administration blacks through the evil, bastardizing of a video tape by the slimy, slug, Andrew Breitbart.

Today, it's a new episode of Inciting Violence Against Liberals with moderator Glenn Beck.

This is ugly...

Anti-government shooting suspect Byron Williams has been charged with allegedly opening fire on police officers on Interstate 580 in Oakland, California, while on his way to "start a revolution" by attacking members of the ACLU.

Williams was charged yesterday with "four counts of attempted murder of a peace officer, one count of unlawful possession of controlled ammunition and one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was also charged with two gun enhancements and a body armor enhancement for each attempted murder charge," according to reports.


Police now say that Williams, an unemployed carpenter, told them that "his intention was to start a revolution by traveling to San Francisco and killing people of importance at the Tides Foundation and the ACLU," according to court documents.

Williams' mother has said her unemployed son was upset by "the way Congress was railroading through all these left-wing agenda items."

WTF? The Tides Foundation? Really? How does a gun-loving, progressives-and-ACLU-hating, 45 year old man get worked up into a homicidal frenzy over a group, quite frankly, I bet very few people in the country ever heard of?

The answer is right in front of our noses.....Glenn Beck.

I check out Beck's program periodically. He just gets worse and worse. He's spiraling down into the darkness of cult leadership....and the saddest part is that people like Byron Williams, who must regularly watch Beck, are being sucked into the darkness along with him.

See the name Tides in the middle of Glenn Beck's blackboard of manic insanity? As TPM reports, Beck regularly mentions the Tides Foundation in his paranoid bipolar madness hours on Fox.

Although the Tides Foundation exists....

to partner with philanthropists, foundations, activists, and organizations across the country and across the globe to promote economic justice, robust democratic processes, and the opportunity to live in a healthy and sustainable environment where human rights are preserved and protected.

To Beck, the Tides Foundation carries out the orders of Satan......

One of Beck's earliest mentions of Tides came last August, during Beck's crusade against Van Jones, then President Obama's green jobs czar, who ended up resigning in September. On his August 12 radio show, Beck described Van Jones as "evil" and a "communist" who's "shaping the views of the President of the United States," and then connected this to Tides:

The Tides Foundation, they started laying the groundwork on this back during the Reagan administration. They have been assembling an army that we have laughed at and have dismissed as a bunch of community organizers."These people are bullies," Beck said. "These people are thugs."

Many more examples of Beck smearing the Tides Foundation are found at the TPM link.

The point should be transparently obvious. Beck is a hatemonger, a liar, a deceiver, a lowlife opportunist, a violence inciter, and a guy in need of psychiatric monitoring. Beck's nightly Bong-hit Blackboard is a maze of sh*t that god, himself, couldn't make sense of.

Yet, is there any doubt that the Oakland would-be shooter of Tides Foundation members obtained his information about such an obscure group from Glenn Beck?

Sure, the ACLU is a perennial target for anti-Constitution conservatives who claim devotion to the same Constitution the ACLU does. (Think about that). But the Tides Foundation? Not exactly a part of the nightly news broadcast, to say the least.

This incident helps to illustrate why Eric Burns of Media Matters states that "without doubt", Glenn Beck is the most dangerous man in America.

Beck has been inciting uninformed and anti-Obama conservatives to violence for quite awhile now. He, and a host of other Fox devils, use incendiary hate speech of deception to advance the politcal objectives of the Republican Party. Often, however, what they are doing is inciting people like Byron Williams of pick up their guns and go kill some liberals.

Footnote to yesterday's blog post: F*ck Bill O'Reilly.....

And give Shep a raise....



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