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How Media Helps GOP Spread Benghazi Lies

By The Reverend Published: November 2, 2013

Here at the Blog of Mass Destruction, The Reverend takes pride (and much joy) in blowing up conventional wisdom accounts of events affecting our nation. The violence at a Benghazi quasi-CIA outpost on September 11, 2012 is one of those events.

Spearheaded by Groundswell, the secretive activist group led by Ginnie Thomas and Edwin Meese, among others....Benghazi has been chosen as the tool of choice for conservatives/Republicans to stop the inevitable electoral momentum that will sweep Hillary Clinton into the White House in 2016.

In spite of the fact that the last GOP candidate, (someone with the first name, Willard), had his political hiney handed to him in a national debate with President Obama over the Foxian-fraud version of the Benghazi event....."please proceed governor"......Republicans' fear of Hillary has driven them back to their own Fox-upchucked vomit over and over.

The rump party's goal is for a Select Committee to be appointed to investigate (Hillary) Benghazi. Make no mistake about what's going on here.....Republicans have known for quite awhile that, barring an act of god, or a media shite-fest that gets national attention (think: stained blue dress).....the next opportunity Republicans will have to take back the White House will be in 2024.

So, when you observe what looks like oh-so-Serious Concern for 4 dead Americans in Libya, know that what looks like Concern is really nothing more than yet another, though embarrassingly desperate, grasping for power.

CBS took the Benghazi-Hillary winger bait recently....

In the Oct. 27 edition of "60 Minutes," a man who identified himself as Morgan Jones "described racing to the Benghazi compound while the attack was underway, scaling a 12-foot wall and downing an extremist with the butt end of a rifle as he tried in vain to rescue the besieged Americans," the Post states.

The “60 Minutes” broadcast, in which Jones also recounted his clandestine visit that night to a Benghazi hospital to view the body of slain U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, helped propel a new round of partisan conflict this week over the attack.

Enter the Huckleberry....

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) and other Republican lawmakers referred to it repeatedly during a Wednesday news conference.

Unsurprisingly, Graham called for....what else?....a Select Committee....

GRAHAM: So I am calling for a joint select committee. But for God’s sake, let the House have a select committee where you get three or four committees together to look at this situation as one unit rather than stove piping.

But...umm....there's a problem here and it's a rather large problem...

"But in a written account that Jones, whose real name was confirmed as Dylan Davies by several officials who worked with him in Benghazi, provided to his employer three days after the attack, he told a different story of his experiences that night," the Post's report continues: "In Davies’s 2 1/2-page incident report... he wrote that he spent most of that night at his Benghazi beach-side villa. Although he attempted to get to the compound, he wrote in the report, 'we could not get anywhere near . . . as roadblocks had been set up.'"

If you skimmed that paragraph, reread it. The guy CBS featured as an "eyewitness" of the Benghazi event....wasn't even there that night. The "Morgan Jones" Dylan Davies account spread nationally by CBS' 60 Minutes was a total fabrication.

Here's the verifiable truth about the "eyewitness"....

He learned of Stevens’s death, Davies wrote, when a Libyan colleague who had been at the hospital came to the villa to show him a cellphone picture of the ambassador’s blackened corpse. Davies wrote that he visited the still-smoking compound the next day to view and photograph the destruction.

Now simply compare the truth with what Davies was permitted to spread on national U.S. media via 60 Minutes....."described racing to the Benghazi compound while the attack was underway, scaling a 12-foot wall and downing an extremist with the butt end of a rifle as he tried in vain to rescue the besieged Americans,"

That is a case study in failed American journalism, as well as a sad commentary on what lengths Republicans will go to in order to do political damage to Hillary Clinton leading up to 2016.



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