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How's It Looking Out There?

By The Reverend Published: July 16, 2008

Interesting to note that president Bush has flip-flopped on talking to Iran....

In a break with past Bush administration policy, a top U.S. diplomat will for the first time join colleagues from other world powers at a meeting with Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, The Associated Press has learned.

Official contacts between Iran and the United States are extremely rare and although Washington is part of a six-nation effort to get Iran to stop enriching and reprocessing uranium, the administration has shunned contacts with Tehran on the matter. Link

I know it's naive for Barack Obama to say he would engage Iran in direct talks. However, when the Great GOP Warrior Leader does so, it can only be understood as being resolute and....let me think...yeah...patriotic too.

Much more interesting to note....(I'm not going to waste my time on the absolute bat-sh*t crazy talk about foreign policy and war and stuff yesterday by the Speaking in Tongues candidate John..I'll say anything...McCain.) This will have to suffice for now....

John McCain likes to paint Barack Obama as a naive follower on key national security issues. But by moving up his planned Afghanistan speech by two days to follow Obama's, and by agreeing that more U.S. troops are needed there, McCain appears to be following the Illinois Democrat on a major proposed shift for U.S. foreign policy. Link

First W. follows Obama's lead....then there's some f*cking leadership you can believe in, huh? This actually fits the black is white, up is down, communication pattern of the those who have all that, you know, "common sense". McSame's and the Chimp's following Obama's lead can't be "following", you know, by it has to be just HAS to be.

I particularly enjoyed the money sentence by McCain yesterday, "I know how to win wars". What?..get shot down, captured and held prisoner for 5 years....then get released, divorce your wife and marry a rich beer heiress? Pardon me for ridiculing the total nonsense. Laughs all around.....or decide.

Barack Obama has an average 8% lead in national polls over John McCain....but the interesting developments are coming out of states. North and South Carolina....yeah, you read that correctly.....are within the margin of error in latest polling. Link

Rachel Maddow, on Olbermann's "Countdown" last night, put up a poll from Arizona, you know, McStupid's home state. Did anyone see it? It couldn't possibly be correct....I realize that....but interesting, nevertheless. Arizona presidential polling shows Obama LEADING in Arizona by 3%, while Bob Barr captures 7% of the vote there.

McCain isn't even popular in his own backyard. And Barr, just like I warned, is doing well with all those crazy Constitution believers on the right who liked Ron Paul.

I saved the worst for last.

I thought it appropriate.....because of the Beacon's lead story today on the collapse of the make mention of what the Resolute, Codpiece, Commander Guy, Decider, CEO President....had to say about market "fundamentals". Bush, without any hint of irony, actually said yesterday that, "the fundamentals of our economy are strong".

The dollar is so low we can't get under it, the stock market has lost about 25% of it's value in less than a year, there are even MORE foreclosures up ahead, consumer confidence numbers are dragging ass, fuel costs are crippingly outrageous, inflation is gaining full stride, and unemployment numbers are moving upward.....BUT....."the fundamentals are strong".

And people wonder in amazement at why The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are popular programs.



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