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How The Charade Is Carried Out

By The Reverend Published: September 19, 2007


Elderly and oh-so-wise-and-statesman-like John Warner (R-VA), who is retiring, went on the Press the Meat teevee show with Mr. Chubby Insider himself, Tim Russert, at the end of August and said some stuff about Iraq. The stuff he said and 79 cents would buy you a coffee at your local Speedway.

Let me be frank. I don't care very much for John Warner. He is the John Warner of the "I'm against torture until it's time to vote for torture.....then I'll vote for torture", Warners.'s what Warner said the end of last month...

GOP Sen. John Warner, who wants U.S. troops to start coming home from Iraq by Christmas, said Sunday he may support Democratic legislation ordering withdrawals if President Bush refuses to set a return timetable soon.

'I'm going to have to evaluate it,' Warner said. 'I don't say that as a threat. I say that as an option we'll all have to consider.'

'That's precisely what I said to the president: 'You can initiate a first withdrawal. You pick the number. It will send a signal to the Iraqi government that matches your words,'' Warner said. 'His words being, 'We're not going to be there forever.''

'The president has got to put teeth in the comments that we are not there forever,' he added.

'We have to show our resolve in the face of the Iraqi government inaction,' Warner said. 'I'm looking for in that message on the 15th what he's going to do to get the (Iraqi) government jump-started on his commitment to troops.' Link

It seems...ummm....coincidental that 2 weeks before Commander Guy told us all about the 5700 soldiers returning before the end of this year from Iraq.....Senator Wiseman Warner was making teevee comments suggesting Commander Guy should bring home 5000 troops before Christmas as a show of good faith. Good faith with whom, I have no idea.

I'll take a wild, wild guess here. Methinks Bush and Warner compared notes ahead of time making sure their September political blitz to keep warring in Iraq forever was, you know, coordinated properly as far as bullsh*t media was concerned. All in the perception, dontcha know. Must stay on message.

Much as Mary Matalin, wingnut extraordinaire, would send The Dick to Tim Russert's Sunday show during the fraudulent run-up to the Iraq invasion because the White House would get a favorable hearing too Warner's appearance on Press the Meat ahead of the propaganda campaign to salvage the worst president in human history's ever-so-f**ked-up-legacy....Iraq.

Warner will not vote against the Decider. He never has. After that Sunday appearance on Russert's teevee show, the other Knee Padders fell to their knees in wonderment. Would the Virginia Senator finally reject Bush and his war? Was this a sign that Republicans were going to bail out on the Dear Leader? Was Warner leading a new way forward for the GOP, breaking with Bush, and signaling to other GOP'ers that the time had come to change course?

And the Padders were oh-so-serious. Just as they were when similar bullsh*t was smeared around in advance of the Military Commissions Bill. Warner was oh-so-against that dastardly torture in Iraq and elsewhere, and so he and Crooked Shooter McCain and Huckleberry Hound Lindsey Graham told the people calling themselves "reporters" that they would stand up for decency and justice and blah, blah. Then they beat feet as quickly as they could to mark their votes FOR torture and injustice.

Warner's words meant nothing then....they meant nothing at the end of August on Press the Meat. Here's what Warner is saying now....

In a bit of a cruel joke, here's the reason Warner is giving for not backing a measure that would give exhausted troops more rest: an interview Tuesday, the senator said he is "reconsidering his position" in light of the administration's willingness to move closer to him on expediting some reduction in U.S. troop levels this year in Iraq. "It took a lot of convincing to make the first units come home before Christmas," Mr. Warner said. "There is a lot of importance in that." Source

Shocker. But damn he's so statesman-like and I just bet Warner's "reconsidering" will be characterized by those Knee Pad wearing "newspeople" as cautious, serious and very wise.



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