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How The Village Rolls

By The Reverend Published: November 22, 2011

One of the reasons I started blogging was because of what I saw, and still see, as a failure by the main media to tell Americans the truth about...well...basically anything. Specifically, I was motivated by corporate media's collusion with the Bush White House in the run up to attacking the sovereign and non-threatening-to-the-U.S. nation of Iraq.

This U.S. media problem is not insignificant. Hundreds of thousands of dead people and a trillion dollar debt is what came from corporate media's active participation helping the Bush administration advance it's unscrupulous cause to attack a country rich in oil, but absent al-Qaeda.

To illustrate where the compromised corporate media is trying to lead us today, it is first necessary to remind readers of what the American people have repeatedly told pollsters....

September 22 polling...conducted by a Democratic/GOP research partnership....

•Opposition to cutting Social Security & Medicare is strong across party lines with 82% of Democrats, 73% of Independents and 58% of Republicans against cuts to reduce the deficit

•A wide margin of all Americans, 94% of Democrats, 82% of Independents and 64% of Republicans, would prefer to raise taxes on the wealthy than cut Social Security and Medicare

•By a 3 -1 margin, self-identified "fiscal conservatives" of both parties oppose cutting Social Security benefits to reduce the deficit and by a 2 ½ -1 to one margin, fiscally conservative voters oppose cutting Medicare benefits to reduce the deficit.

Those findings are not an anomaly. Poll after poll have resulted in similar findings.

In fact, not one political demographic, Democratic, Republican or in favor of cutting SS and Medicare as a means of solving the national debt problem. Instead, all groups...including Republicans....would choose higher taxes on America's wealthy over cuts to the very popular entitlement programs.

With that backdrop in mind, here's how veteran Villager Charles Babington of the AP explains the failure of the Super Committee....

The supercommittee’s failure reflects the nation’s divide: Americans crave both the Republicans’ demand for low taxes and the Democrats’ insistence on protecting social programs.

According to Babington, Republicans and Democrats are simply reflecting the "nation's divide" over raising taxes and protecting social programs. Really? The "nation" is not divided over raising taxes on America's wealthy while sparing cuts to Social Security and Medicare. The "nation" is in favor of taxing the wealthy a bit more. The "nation" is against cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

But Village journalists, like Babington, don't care what the majority of Americans actually want. The job of "centrist" Villagers is to convince readers that neither political party's viewpoint reflects the view of "average Americans"...even when it is clear in the case of the debt reduction debate that the position of Democrats, in fact, does represent the voice of "average Americans."

Charles Babington, rather than tell the truth that the Democratic viewpoint of sparing entitlements from cuts and raising taxes on the wealthy actually does reflect the will of the majority of Americans, simply lies...simply makes stuff up. The supercommittee failure does not reflect the nation's divide. Not at all. The supercommittee failure, instead, reflects the unwillingness of Republicans to listen to the will of the American public.

Republican lawmakers respond to activists who overwhelmingly oppose higher taxes. And Democrats answer to activists who will tolerate no nicks in Medicare, Social Security and other programs without steeper taxes on the wealthy.

See how it's done? Republican lawmakers respond to activists who oppose higher taxes. Democrats respond to activists too. See? Both sides do it. Only, in this case, the "activists" who the Democrats are answering to are the majority of the American population. On one hand you have Republican elected officials, Grover Norquist and Pete Peterson's smallish band of billionaires....the activists Republicans are listening to. And on the other hand you have over 60% of the American people who Democrats, this time, are listening to.

To Babington...those two "activist" groups are equivalent.

Babington's bogus search for equivalency goes on to explain that the divide over the nation's debt, which Babington simply made up out of whole Village cloth, "stems from an all-too-familiar reality of modern politics." Which provokes The Reverend to respond that Babington's failure, or inability, to acknowledge the will of the American public on taxes and entitlements is an "all-too-familiar reality" of modern corporate media.

Republicans who hold office today are not in D.C. to do the will of the majority of the American people. They're not. If they were, they would realize that Americans want to raise taxes on the wealthy and take Social Security and Medicare cuts off the table....and act and vote accordingly. In that, nothing is really new.

What makes this stuff all the more confusing, however, is the fact that Village "journalists", like veteran Charles Babington, refuse to explain to readers that in this specific debt/deficit-debate case....the Republican position does not reflect the majority view of Americans. In this specific case, the Democratic position DOES represent the will of the people.

To me...given that our nation is a democratic republic....I would think that truth would be kind of important.



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