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How To Deceive A Progressive Population

By The Reverend Published: July 30, 2014

Israeli scoreboard: 1262 Palestinians dead....most of whom are civilians, 53 Israeli soldiers dead, 2 Israeli civilians, 1 Thai migrant dead. 

Over at Glenn Greenwald's Intercept site, / he explains how the word "terrorism"...."typically refers to the killing of civilians as a means of furthering political or military goals."

That's what Israel has been doing....killing civilians as a means to furthering their political and military goals. Terrorizing those in Gaza.


Every so many decades technological advances result in consumer products which Change Everything. Think: splitting the atom, computers, digital everything. The next consumer product that will change everything will be drones. Go here and read Martha Stewart's gushing review of her new drone.....what great pictures! 

Now I love new gadgetry as much as the next guy.....however, in the current environment where 2nd amendment remedies are offered up as alternatives should elections fail to produce the desired outcome.....I'm thinking that drone proliferation in America will be an unmitigated disaster.


Speaking of impending disasters......President Obama announced tough new sanctions on Russia yesterday. U.S. Empire Expanders have finally convinced their EU patsies to go along with our brilliant neo-conservative foreign policy of regime change. Some may not believe this, but the neo-con policy of regime change in fossil-fuel rich foreign countries....includes Russia. By damaging Russia's economy through "tougher sanctions", Empire Expanders are hoping to marginalize Putin inside his own country, thus setting the stage for regime change there. What could possibly go wrong?  

It seems that the reason the European Union resisted tougher sanctions on Putin's Russia up until yesterday was because many European countries are dependent on Russia for their energy needs. If Putin retaliates in kind, then average Europeans are likely to face much, much higher heating costs this upcoming winter.

Here in free America, doing something about carbon emissions, it has been determined, would increase U.S. electricity costs by roughly 10%. On that basis alone, conservative forces funded by U.S. energy oligarchs have overruled a 97% consensus of climate scientists.

I found that contrast a bit odd. But I guess our energy oligarchs are just better than Russia's energy oligarchs. USA, USA, USA


Nothing illustrates our nation's political polarization more than the latest stunt being pulled off by Republicans over Latin American teenagers arriving at our southern border. No, there is no "crisis" at the border.....but reality is basically meaningless when immigration is the topic. Those thousands of Latino teenagers did not sneak across the border....proving that "enforcement" is not the problem needing correction.

Despite that truth.....House Republicans have offered up a $659 million expenditure of which two thirds will go for "securing the border." Everything is a nail when you are a hammer...or a hammerhead.


One of my pet peeves is the often-heard claim that America is a center-right nation. It isn't. This Salon piece explains the reality, not as it is in the minds of fever-swampers and corporate propagandists for the rich, but as it actually, you know, is.

59% of Americans think that wealth should be more evenly distributed. 69% oppose any cuts to Social Security or Medicare. 59% oppose cuts to the poor in order to lower the deficit. 60-80% of the nation think taxes on the wealthy should be raised. 71% would increase the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. 54% support labor unions. 59% support marriage equality. 54% would keep abortion rights legal. 68% favor a pathway to citizenship for undocumenteds. 81% favor background checks on all gun purchases.

Now explain to me how those consensus polling results reflect a center-right nation? They don't....and it's not even close. Those numbers describe a firmly progressive society.....not a conservative one.

Those numbers not only represent a threat to conservative dead enders.....but also a threat to status quo "centrists." And that explains why we so often hear liars referencing our "center-right" nation. Like climate science, the fact that our population is a firmly progressive one, must be continually denied by fascist conservatives and status quo centrists. Fascist conservatives must deny reality in order to keep their crazed voting base angry enough to come out and cast a ballot. Centrists must deny reality in order to maintain their privileged-rich status.

That putrid mix has resulted in a continual barrage of claims, known as "conventional wisdom", that America's population is a center-right nation. No matter how many times it is repeated by will never be true.

Propaganda is subtle. Sneaky. Deceptive. Disingenuous. And as the fascists and the centrists get more desperate in their quest to deny reality.....the propaganda will become even more deceptive and disingenuous.

And as the propaganda ramps up and the blatant dishonesty increases....We the American People.....will still remain progressive. We the American People, by a firm majority, are on to the conservative-centrist scam.

And we're not turning back.







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