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How To Destroy A Liberal Resurgence Before It Begins

By The Reverend Published: January 4, 2014

It started awhile ago. I think when Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) won the election to replace Senator John Kerry. It didn't work with Barack Obama, who has turned out to be a center-right, corporatist president who mostly has favored Republican policies, like the insurance exchanges in the ACA and reducing government spending during a very weak economic recovery marked by high unemployment and low interest rates.

But now, with the election of Bill de Blasio as mayor of New York has begun anew.

What Village and Republican efforts to demonize...liberalism.

First, I must explain that there are, at best, a handful of true liberals in the U.S. Senate....maybe a handful.....and a few more than a handful in the U.S. House. That's it. That is not by accident. The wealthy owners of our governmental system have worked extremely hard over decades to eliminate all liberal economic policies from consideration....and that hard work has been relatively successful on both sides of the aisle.

As just one example.....consider for a moment the "communist" ACA. Both sides admit that, yes, the ACA is basically a conservative, profits-friendly, plan which originated on the GOP side. Consider too...that a truly liberal single-payer plan wasn't even entertained by a Democratic congressional majority. Further, even the mildly-liberal "public option" inclusion into the exchanges was blockaded by corporatist Democrats who were paying back their insurance company benefactors.

If you have been told, and you have been convinced, that Barack Obama is a liberal president......then you have been lied to and fooled into believing something which is not true.

But now, after a long stretch of authoritarian "daddy" mayors who have waged class warfare against the non-powerful and the non-rich in and around New York City....the citizens of New York City overwhelmingly elected what looks to be a true liberal to lead their city.....Mayor Bill de Blasio. That "sin" by the people will not go unpunished, as it were.

The punishment will be left, mostly, to the Serious in corporate media. And the Serious in corporate media relish their role as whipmaster of the downtrodden and poor.....

People who oppose de Blasio's plans are seen as being "greedy and uncaring," Noonan wrote, thanks to the "divider" tone the new mayor has already set for his new administration.

"A uniter's approach would have been one that was both more morally generous and more honest," said Noonan. "It wouldn't set one group against the other, it would have asserted that all New Yorkers are in this together."

The working premise for all corporate media hacks like Noonan is that liberal policies (though on the endangered species list for the last few decades) don't "unite" but instead "divide." The fact that the powerful-favoring policies of Giuliani and Bloomberg....and the U.S. government.....have divided us into two basic groups....the privileged and the not privileged.....doesn't faze Ms. Noonan. She's paid to not be fazed by such things. does a Serious person entertain the notion that the worst income and wealth disparity in a hundred years.....all created by supply-side conservative economic policies....has actually been a long attempt at "uniting" Americans? Who, in their right mind, thinks like that?

But you see, Serious conservative apologists, and without any evidence, simply KNOW that conservatism unites while liberalism divides. Get used to that ridiculous as it may seem....because the Village is just getting started.

When those who pimp for the powerful are not warning of liberals dividing us, they are ridiculing the tiny number of elected liberals by mocking them for being....well....kind of effeminate, elitist weaklings....

Newt Gingrich brought some props to Crossfire Thursday. The host shared a clip from Bill de Blasio’s inauguration speech, in which New York City’s new mayor said his proposed tax increases for the rich were no more than $3 per day or one “small soy latte at your local Starbucks.” He then trotted out the paper cups.

“Years ago, we used to talk about the Chablis and Volvo liberals in the suburbs,” Gingrich said, reminiscing about his time spent in Congress in the 1990s. He said de Blasio’s comments give us a “brand new definition” of “courageous” liberals.

Gingrich knows that there are few liberals in elected office because he's worked for decades to keep it that way for the sake of the privileged few. "Courage", to guys like Gingrich, "leadership" to people like Noonan, is cutting taxes on their upper class, classmates. The corollary for Gingrich becomes: raising taxes on the privileged is a sign of limp-wristed weakness.

Make no mistake, the attack on the smallest sign of liberal life in American governance will not be limited to barely-human cretins like Leroy Gingrich or Peggy Noonan. Yesterday morning the "liberal" MSNBC magpies were pre-emptively criticizing Mayor de Blasio for snow removal from a storm which had not even hit the city yet. Hey, you can't take any chances.

Finally, if you really, really want to know how it is that economic disparity has reached third world proportions in the U.S......if you honestly want to find out how the number of our nation's poor have ballooned at the same time that the rich few have increased their wealth dramatically....then pay attention to how the corporate media propagandists and the politicians they serve.....savage people like Elizabeth Warren and Bill de Blasio this year.

Learn how it's done.



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