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By The Reverend Published: July 15, 2009

The Huckleberry

It's the white man's right, once he has extended his hand of "equality" to non-whites, to openly and ruthlessly try to humiliate the non-white so he or she doesn't get too, you know, uppity.

The thinking is ugly, naturally, but then think about what white men have done on the earth......quite a few ugly things stand out.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is a white man. He is not only a white man, but also a conservative Republican white man, and not just a conservative Republican white man, but a conservative Republican white man from South Carolina. It's been a tough period for white men who are conservative Republicans. The nation they once ruled the way they wanted has changed and continues to change. All things being equal, whites in the U.S. will slip into minority status sometime this century. Women and people of color are rising up to leadership positions more than ever before.

White men, like Lindsey Graham, have become bitter about changing America. White men now consider themselves to be victims of an unjust society that discriminates against them, the majority.

Watch Huckleberry condescend to Judge Sotomayor as he spits out his bitterness towards the "Latina" woman.....

Graham knew that the context of Sotomayor's comment about a "wise Latina woman" was racial and gender discrimination. The Reverend gave the clear and indisputable context of Sotomayor's "wise Latina woman" in it's context here. Huckleberry knows that context full well. But he's, you know, a white conservative Republican male, living in tumultuous times of change, when a black man can become president and a Hispanic woman can be nominated to the Supreme Court.

Even though Graham knows the context of the "wise Latina woman" comment, he misconstrues it anyway and acts as if he cannot even hear Sotomayor's response. That's because he doesn't want to hear it. What Graham is doing is extracting the bitter conservative white man's pound of flesh from Sotomayor.

Graham may as well have said this...."We bitter white-male, conservative Republicans realize we can't block your confirmation. What we can do though is seek to please other bitter white-male conservative Republicans by openly humiliating you and misconstruing your words and your life so that those bitter dead enders can praise me later and say, 'ole' Lindsey told that uppity Latino woman, didn't he?'"

Here's some proof of the dishonesty and double standard of bitter white conservative Republicans who realize their future as the dominant ones is slipping away. When it's a white conservative man up for confirmation, like Sam Alito in 2006, then according to Huckleberry, all is right in the universe.....

Republicans are destroying their own political party with their bitterness, their own self-pity party of imagined victimization. Having lost black voters because of the "southern strategy" which appealed to southern racist it seems that Republicans are intent on losing the Hispanic vote as well. Hispanics are the largest minority in the country and the fastest growing voting block.....yet all Huckleberry Graham can do is toss a few bitter and snide bones out for the sake of his bitter white conservative base.

Truly, today's Republicans are pathetic.



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