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Huey Nuance And The Snooze

By The Reverend Published: January 10, 2012

Chris Christie, Republican governor of New Jersey, has been recently stumping for the GOP bankster presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Why Romney would desire an uncouth, sloppy, big mouthed ass to be stumping for him is beyond my pay grade to be answering.

Anyway, here's Baby Huey's latest demonstration of civility....

While Mitt Romney quietly smiled on stage, Christie yelled at a female protester, telling her, basically, to, as Digby put it, "suck my dick".....

When a heckler yelled, "Christie kills jobs," Christie was ready with a response - New Jersey style.

"Really?" Christie replied. "Something may go down tonight but it's not going to be jobs, sweetheart."

Translation: "You, liberal slut, may be fellating someone tonight, as a liberal slut's custom may be "going down" on someone tonight, as all progressive females protesting our bankster nominee do.....but what's not "going down" is employment if Mitt, our bankster, is crowned president of the U.S....sweetheart"

Christie is the most repellant Republican holding office today.....and that is saying something. The obese governor's sloppiness in appearance is only equaled by his love of shouting locker room language at political and press gatherings.

What's worse....Christie is actually admired by Republican and conservative types BECAUSE he acts like Tony Soprano's pitiful character on the HBO series "The Sopranos." Christie likes to flaunt his Baby Huey appearance and his tendency to bully every time anyone challenges him. But just like Tony Soprano....Christie is but a big ball of conflicted fat in need of counseling.

Hey Huey...Tony Soprano is a teevee character....and you are oh-so-obviously pretending to act like that teevee character. And despite the cheers and applause from Republican zombies who would cheer and applaud with renewed vigor if you took a dump on stage......what you are saying, how you are saying it, how you repulsive to the majority of Americans who are aware of you.

After calling progressive protestors streeet-whores, Christie went on to say some peculiarly stupid stuff...

Obama has "encouraged these people to be angry at Mitt and angry at me because we stand up for what we believe in," he said.

"Mr. President, you're up there in the family quarters of the White House, put your feet up and don't worry about it. Mitt Romney is going to bring people together," said Christie.

A couple of things here. What Mitt Romney and Chris Christie "believe in" is making average Americans suffer for the sake of the wealthy. Mitt's Bain Capital and Christie's attack on school teachers and other average workers in New Jersey clearly reveal that what these two men "believe in" is taking from the average worker and giving to the average millionaire. That's what these two men "believe in.

When Chris Christie had a chance to exercise his newly granted line item veto power last year.....he chose to eliminate $45 million in tax credits for the working poor, $9 million in health care for the working poor, $8 million for women's health care, another $8 million in AIDS funding and $9 million in mental health services.

But Christie also ADDED $150 million in school aid for the suburbs, including the wealthiest towns in the state.

While limiting public employees collective bargaining power, Christie cut the paychecks of public employees, making them pay more towards health care and pensions. All this while threatening to veto a renewal of a surtax on New Jersey's millionaires.

Furthermore, the New Jersey governor's line that Mitt Romney will "bring people together" is the biggest hoot of the election season thus far. What has Mitt Romney done so far? He's divided conservatives and Republicans, not united them. The GOP primary spectacle has been one prolonged scream by conservative and Republican voters of "anyone except Romney."

The GOP Clown Car keys have been handed from one Donald Trump Clown to another all of 2011...all in an effort to avoid a Romney candidacy. Yet, the obese New Jersey governor, in his typical "I'm pissed (and fat)" demeanor brashly claims that Mitt Romney "is going to bring people together."

Finally,....tell me, how is having a sloppy, loud mouthed, crude, anti-working class, pro-rich New Jersey GOP Governor on stage with you telling protesters that they are street whores supposed to help Mitt Romney's chances of becoming the Republican Party nominee in November?



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