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By The Reverend Published: May 17, 2013

There are some amazing and baffling things in our natural world. How is it, for example, that schools of fish can move as one? How do birds know how to fly in almost perfect formation?

Humans are also baffling in their behavior. I'm sure you've seen examples of, or read about, mass hysterical behavior....panic induced, rage induced, vengeance induced....hysterical mob behavior, often violent. In our modern refined era, we most often see this phenomenon at highly contested sporting events....often with casualties...but not only at sporting events.

What's happening in the lives of political humans of the conservative persuasion this week is a form of mob hysteria. Last night local Tea Man Tom Zawistowski appeared on Fox explaining how Obama was like the Nazis because some IRS underlings in Cincinnati took too long to grant 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status to every single Tea and Patriot application.

That's an example of political hysteria. Obviously, exterminating 6 million Jews and delaying IRS applications for special tax-exempt status have nothing whatsoever in common.....but such is human, political hysteria.

The sometimes-inebriated columnist Peggy Noonan, though a veteran Villager and regular at all the best cocktail parties in D.C., has also been infected with the hysteria this week. From a Wall Street Journal Noonan screed yesterday entitled, "This is no ordinary scandal".....

"We are in the midst of the worst Washington scandal since Watergate." "sinister", "they look dirty", "It is not even remotely possible the actions were the work of just a few agents. This was more systemic. It was an operation. The word was out: Get the Democratic Party's foes."

That is hysterical talk. Total nonsense....and especially nonsensical given the evidence provided thus far concerning the alleged IRS scandal. But then, Noonan has a history of writing hysterical stuff. Go here to read her Clenis hysteria in 1998 in all it's wild and crazy glory.

Over at Fox Nation, or as I like to call it, Rwanda Radio Online, here's the headline..."ABC reporting that woman who ran IRS tax exept (can't spell either) office now runs IRS Obamacare office."

That in the wake of the GOP TeaHouse voting for the 37th time yesterday in under three years to rescind Obamacare. Voting 37 separate times to rescind a bill is it's own form of political hysteria....but put those two hysterical things hysterical hatred of Obamacare, a bill which expands health insurance coverage to millions more Americans,....and the alleged IRS scandal....and the hysteria potential is multiplied by the power of the sun.

That's where we're headed in the near term. The IRS took too long to process Tea Patriot's paperwork, though approving every conservative that means that Obamacare must be rescinded because the IRS will be checking a new health insurance line on your 1040 in 2015. That type of mental gymnastics, my friends, is evidence of a form of human hysteria.

It is true, and I hear it every time I listen to Rush, that conservative hysterians love playing the victim. Self-victimization, itself, can also be a form of human hysteria. One can become so hysterical that you can convince yourself that every decision or every word spoken, by anyone, is intended as a personal attack.

In the conservative hysteria rising up over the IRS story.....the perfect winger shite-storm of victimization/hysteria is forming. If the shite-storm breaks as expected....just like in the impeach-the-Clenis ain't gonna be pretty. What will follow will remind us of yet another natural-world oddity......that of a pack of wolves or dogs gone hysterically wild, attacking and ripping to shreds a single prey...and doing so as if they are one.

And after all the hysteria has finally spent itself out....and the smoke clears.....the hysterians will actually lose political ground as they did after the Clenis impeachment.

So, by all means.....Teas, Patriots, conservatives, Republicans....Noonans....please....wear yourselves out with your hysterical victimization rip-and tear routine. It will help the progressive movement in the long term.

And, thanks in advance.



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