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I Got Your "Heavy Lift" Right Here

By The Reverend Published: October 16, 2009

Some stuff about the media I've been pondering.

For the last week I've been tormenting myself by listening to AM radio while driving. Don't ask me why.

I admit, it's been awhile since I tuned AM. What I've been hearing, while not shocking, is still depressing.

Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh are all there on AM, but there are many others as well.....and if you can believe it....they're even worse. Alex Jones, for example, with his psycho-viewpoint, makes Beck sound like he's normal. "The New World Order" is Jones' predominant theme. Mike Trivisano is both ignorant and offensive, an apparent hallmark of these AM heads.

But along with the name-brand-nuts there are many other no-name-nuts, numbnuts if you prefer, spouting off some of the most ridiculous rhetoric you'll hear this side of a freakshow carnival barker.

Chrissy Matthews of MSNBC's Hardball infamy called the freakshow material of AM radio talkers "phone sex for traveling salesmen." Matthews, perhaps, was thinking of himself as the traveling salesman, I'm not sure, because Chrissy, himself, is a freak of the narcissistic kind. I suppose what Matthews meant was that conservative salesmen get "off" on hearing the twisted, ignorant, and right-rabble-rousing nonsense spouted daily on the AM dial.

The Reverend's tentative conclusions after listening to the AM freakshow is a bit different from Matthews'. To me, AM talkers can barely be distinguished from evangelical preacher types. Evangelical talkers plumb the depths of an old religious book and glean some of the craziest "findings" imaginable, the crazier the better.....and then they attempt to scare their listeners with these findings.....and, naturally, ask for money.

What's being spouted by the political "evangelicals", as they plumb the depths of the "news", particularly involving the black President Obama, is just as crazy as the apocalyptic ravings of evangelical preachers. Virtually all of the "information" shared by AM political talkers, just like the information from evangelical preachers, must be taken entirely on "faith." And just as evangelical preacher-types often seek to plant fear in the hearts of their listeners, the goal of the evangelical political freaks is to frighten listeners about the political "hell" Obama and the Democrats are bringing to America.

Words matter....or do they?

A number of years ago a colleague of mine and I were sitting in a vehicle talking. We were talking about making plans about something and he said, "well, we're going to have to sit down and figure it out." I responded, "we're already sitting down", which, indeed, we were.

"sit down" to my friend meant something other than "sitting down"....and I was simply being myself, a smartass.

Which leads me to the wording often employed by today's corrupt corporate media personnel. None of this is all that important or vital, but I do think it is indicative of the copy-cat laziness of today's "reporters."

Over the last few years, how many times have you heard Serious Journalists and Analysts use the phrase..."at the end of the day?" A lot, right? You weren't part of the cool club of Serious Journalists if you didn't use "at the end of the day" somewhere in your material.

Today, members of the cool club have been using two phrases that I'm already sick of....."jumped the shark", a stupid, arcane reference to a "Happy Days" episode.....and the latest cool-kid two-worder, "heavy lift."

"Heavy lift" is all the rage with the coolest of the cool in completely compromised media today. Everything is now a "heavy lift." Afghanistan, health care reform, climate change reform, financial industry reform.....everything Obama takes on is called a "heavy lift."
Apparently, all the Villagers must prove their Village citizenship by using the approved Secret Sign of the Serious, and that new clubhouse sign, I'm thinking, is "heavy lift." Kind of like the password to get into a Rave.

A message to "heavy lift"-using cool club members in media:.... Being "cool" is not something that can be manufactured by using silly, repetitive secret clubhouse phrases. Being "cool" simply is. A person is either "cool" or they're not. Most Serious Villagers are not cool and never will be.....and I don't care how many times Village members repeat the childish clubhouse passwords for the day.....that will never make them any cooler,.....or credible.

Heard any other often-repeated, cool-club-wannabe phrases?



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