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"I Think People Should Be Afraid"

By The Reverend Published: May 26, 2009

Updated below

From NBC's "Press the Meat", aka, "Meet the Press", this past Sunday...

The Republican Party's "idea man", Mr. Newton Gingrich.....

"Let me just say, I think people should be afraid. I think the lesson of 1993, the first time they bombed the World Trade Center, was fear is probably appropriate. I think the lesson of Khobar Towers, where American servicemen were killed in Saudi Arabia, was fear is probably appropriate. I think the lesson of the two embassy bombings in east Africa was fear is probably appropriate. I think the lesson of the Cole being bombed in Yemen was fear is probably appropriate. I'll tell you, if you aren't a little bit afraid after 9/11 and 3,100 Americans killed inside the United States by an effort, if you weren't worried about the second-wave attack that was designed to take out the biggest building in Los Angeles, I think that, that you are out of touch with reality."

Seems relatively clear what the GOP's idea man was trying to communicate, right? Be scared. I don't think I've heard such clarity before from the Party of Fear. Not a lot of nuance in what Gingrich afraid, stay afraid, and the appropriate response to a tiny band of stateless, loosely connected Islamic fear.

Those who are not afraid, those who refuse to give in to fear, those who do not tremble and quake constantly in a state of horrified fear of a handful of international anarchists, are....."out of touch with reality."

This from the GOP's idea man. Time to party, in fear naturally, like it's 9-11 everyday. Everything old is still old, but new again for the Party of No-to-Everything-but-Fear. No, the GOP didn't want to help stimulate a failing economy, didn't want to pass a federal budget, don't want to approve any straight talking Obama nominees, don't want Minnesota's voters to have a say in their own state elections, but what this same GOP is sure that they for Americans to be afraid.

The Party of Fear has not always been afraid. The Party of Fear's representatives haven't always been heard on "Press the Meat" promoting fear as the "appropriate response" to, like, everything. In fact, when then Counterterrorism Chief, Richard Clarke, was trying to persuade the newly inaugurated Bush administration that they should be, you now, afraid of the Bin Laden network, nary a Party of Fear flinch was detected. When Clarke's "hair was on fire" during early/middle 2001 in response to tremendous chatter of an impending Al-Qaida strike....the Party of Fear, the President and Vice-President of Fear, were calm and unconcerned.

Even though Clarke had pestered Condi repeatedly for an interview/briefing with Bush to map out a strategy against Bin Laden's group, the first such meeting wasn't held until the first week of September, 2001. There certainly was no urgent fear over Clarke's concerns. It took 9 months for Clarke to be heard by the President. The "appropriate response" during that time was anything but fearful.

George and Condi's response to any potential U.S. retaliation for the Cole bombing? "We don't want to just be swatting flies." No fear expressed in that statement. The "appropriate response" then was indifference, apathy....but not fear.

When Bush was repeatedly briefed in 2001 on the threat from Al-Qaida and Bin Laden's desire to strike inside the U.S......there was no fear, no "appropriate response" of fear. Instead, there was only a cynical, craven response to the warnings...."Ok, you've covered your ass", Bush told his CIA briefer, August, 2001.

So, fear, being afraid all the time about scary, scary Islamic extremists, hasn't always been the Republican Party's message to Americans. Only now, in the midst of numerous new and expanding revelations about Bush administration war crimes do we hear that the "appropriate response" should be, once again, fear of all moving things.

Be afraid of our "Homeland" SuperMax prisons. Although no one has ever escaped from one, and we currently hold more dangerous killers within those walls than Islamic extremists, although we currently hold a couple hundred "terrorists" in U.S. prisons also.....the "appropriate response" to bringing Gitmo detainees into those ironclad facilities? Be scared sh*tless.

Be afraid if we stop torturing captives. That is the "appropriate response" by the GOP to ending the Bush/Cheney torture regime. Never mind that torturing Islamic detainees makes other Islamics want to kill us even more....and, therefore, makes us less safe. We're told by The GOP Idea Man that ending the torture of detainees makes us less safe, and since Obama put an end to it, the only "appropriate response" is to be extremely afraid.

The Idea Man of the Republican Party, Newton Gingrich.....the silent-until-out-of-office ex-VP, Richard Cheney.....and a gaggle of goofy GOP fear goons, none of whom were the least bit afraid of Bin Laden and Al-Qaida before 9-11 are now seen entering D.C buildings with boxes of Depends.

What these "appropriate" responders are really afraid of?

Getting outed, indicted and punished for their crimes.

Update: I can barely believe it....the Divine General Petreaus isn't afraid, like Newt and Dick and 90 sissy seantors could the Divine General refuse to endorse the only "appropriate response" to closing Gitmo, i.e., be afraid? How can the Divine General be so willing to endanger Americans like that? Think he hates America?

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