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I Think They're All Lying

By The Reverend Published: June 22, 2014

I have been closely watching what has been happening in and around Iraq. Something stinks. I advise not taking any single account or explanation as gospel. I suggest to you that the left-right, blame Obama argument......renewed with unusual vigor immediately after hearing about some nebulous "terror" group that no one had even mentioned the tip off that everyone may be lying.

Before you believe one word coming out of the mouths of any U.S. political figure or corporate media stenographer concerning recent developments inside Iraq....remember this: When 15 out of 19 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, the U.S. attacked Afghanistan...and then invaded Iraq. What no VSP ever suggested back then....was that we should attack Saudi Arabia. Still today, Saudi money is funding violent extremism....just as Saudi money helped fund the 9-11 attack. Saudi and Qatar money has also been fueling the violent upheaval in Syria.

But don't take my word for it. Keep on googling......which is not to be confused with Credence Clearwater Revival's "Keep on Choogling."

It does strike me as strange that the freest nation of people.....ever....are always the last to be informed of the truth. I wonder why that is.

Far as I can tell, Iran is the only Shia controlled middle eastern nation left that poses a legitimate power threat in the region. Iraq has been utterly devastated.....Syria is being devastated that leaves Iran.

Regime change in Iran is THE gold ring.

"Anyone can go to Baghdad. Real men go to Tehran." Senior Bush Official, May 2003

The Bushies were warned about turning Iraq, which has an 80-20% Shia-Sunni population ratio, into a Shia dominant Iran/Iraq alliance. No one listened.

I think that what's happening now inside Iraq is a "corrective" to that glacier sized mistake. The Saudis, Israel and neo-cons in the U.S. (which includes virtually all military and political leaders) will not stand still for a new larger Shia Muslim threat from an Iran/Iraq alliance.

There is more that will be revealed, of course, but my guess is that Iraq will be divided up into three distinct and separate countries to minimize any potential Iraq/Iraq Shia alliance threat to the border country of majority Sunni Saudi Arabia. I think when the smoke clears, the minority Iraqi Sunnis will control the eastern portion of Iraq creating a type of buffer zone between Iranian Shia and Iraqi Shia.

But my ugliest thought about the whole mess is this: Saudi, Israel and the U.S. are perfectly fine with funding Sunni terrorism to reach their objectives.

I would suggest that the speed with which northern Iraq has been taken over by some new ISIS terror-group is a tip off. Do you think it is possible that U.S. intelligence is being caught by surprise by this brand new dangerous band of extremists? I don't. Do you believe that a couple thousand radicals could so easily push around up to a million Iraqi quickly and so easily...without America knowing about it well in advance? I don't.

No, what's happening inside Iraq is being orchestrated for a reason. Don't forget the first rule......never believe what U.S. elected officials, military leaders or corporate media initially tell you about anything. Iraq posed no imminent threat to America, Russians are not the aggressors in Ukraine....but both of those truths are still basically unknown by the American public.

What really amazes me is how quickly the U.S. has descended into a full-blown, Soviet style, propaganda state. Perhaps I've just been too naive......and besides, what difference does it make what the truth is, right? "Keep on rockin in the free world", right?

Tell that to the families of 4500 dead U.S. soldiers.....tell that to the tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers brutally wounded in Iraq.......because I, for one, am goddamn sick of the lies.



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