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By The Reverend Published: April 25, 2010

Digby.....on the Tea Partiers...

"They are not populists and they are not libertarians. They are what is known as the far right. And their organizing principle is hatred of liberalism (and those it serves) and government when it is in the hands of the Democratic Party."


Cenk Uygur interviewing Libertarian Wayne Allyn Root....

Cenk...."You're not answering the question. Why are the only tea party protests in favor of corporate America and not against corporate America which is buying those politicians you claim you are so upset about?"

Root..."The only thing I can say to you in response to that is that I'm a guy who believes in the private sector and private industry and I don't feel any great need to protest Goldman Sachs. I feel a much stronger need to protest public employee unions who are ripping off people in far greater numbers."

Libertarian rhetoric, like that of Tuggin-On-My-Root... is so disconnected from reality that it's embarassing to read. Root, by the way, was the Libertarian Party's 2008 Vice Presidential candidate.

Goldman Sachs was at the center of the money scamming and scheming which left millions of Americans unemployed, millions more with depleted pensions, and even more millions with devalued homes. Yet, Patriotic, "Don't Tread On Me" flagwaving Libertarians, like Wayne Root "don't feel any need to protest Goldman Sachs."

Populist ass.

Who does Root say is far worse than America's, economy-crashing Banksters? Public sector unions.

Guess what the union membership rate for public sector jobs is in the U.S.


How about the percentage of union workers in the U.S overall?


That means that 2/3rds of all public sector workers do not belong to a labor union and approximately nine out of ten private sector workers do not belong to labor unions.

Nevertheless, Mr. Root proudly proclaims that private sector unions have been ripping more people off than the financial sector ever thought about doing.

It is nonsense like that spouted by the Libertarian Root which discredits libertarianism in general, and the Tea Party movement specifically.

I suppose the Partiers are not a homogenous group....and that there are many libertarians and Partyers who disagree with the Root. But Mr. Root was acting as a spokesman for there's that.

Furthermore, after catching part of Rushbo and Sean Hannity on Friday, I can only conclude that the "we're really angry and we're not going to take it anymore" group with teabags hanging from their, in truth, just as Digby described above.

Rush and Sean-Boy must have received the same memo Friday morning. Both hate-spreaders defined financial regulatory efforts by (mostly) Democrats as yet another "takeover" by our new dark socialist president.

In the Alice in Wonderland world of people like the Drugster, the Hannity and the Root.....Obama and his Commie UnderLords (just chock full of union thugs) are taking over the entire private sector of the national economy, piece by piece. According to this bong-hit theory, rewarding huge, for-profit, health insurance and pharmaceutical corporations with millions of new customers, as the Democratic health care legislation did, Wonderland World....a socialist takeover of health care by the state.

According to Alice's modern Trio of MadHatters.....any new regulatory provisions placed on the Banksters by these same Commie even more evidence of the Great Commie Takeover Plot being masterminded by the new Dark Knight.

Allow me to speak frankly.


Do not be misled. The Reverend has been writing for over a year now on the total incoherent phoniness of the Tea Party "movement."

In spite of corporate-whore media's obsession with telling American audiences that the Tea Partyers are a loosely knit, grassroots bunch of galactically patriotic and angry-as-hell-at-both-political-parties reality the Tea Partyers are as Digby described....

"They are what is known as the far right."



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