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Ignatius Takes Third In "Worst" Awards

By The Reverend Published: December 12, 2007

I wrote this two months ago....

It has been interesting to me to observe how the media mob, for the most part, has tried their best to portray Bill Clinton's role in his wife's campaign to be president, as a negative issue. Night after night, I have listened to the usual Knee Pad suspects go on and on about how Bill's presence in the White House with a Hillary presidency would be a bad thing that Americans just couldn't suffer. Link

On November 23rd, I wrote this in response to NBC's Big Head Todd, Chuck Todd....

"But how will voters react if they know Bill Clinton will be in Cabinet meetings?"

Umm…Big Head….the voters ARE reacting, knowing that Bill will be totally engaged in all executive branch dealings….and while I know this will make the Big Head sad….most voters are just fine with it. Most voters see it as a plus for America. Link

Now watch this 30 second clip from Monday night's Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Listen carefully to why Keith awards the "Worse" third place award to the Knee Pad Media member in good standing, David Ignatius (see my take on Ignatius here).....

The elitist element in our oxymoronic "free press" KNOWS who should be our next president and who shouldn't be....and those same people, like David Ignatius, poster child for Knee Padding, are simply looking out for our own interests, like a wise grandfather or uncle would do, you know, when they tell us stuff that isn't true. He's telling us lies, yeah, but those lies are for our own good.

Ya' know, the question always for me over the last 7 years has been: how can we rid our nation of the rogue Bush/Cheney regime? Tough question. The Bush/Cheney regime will, hopefully, end about a year from now....but the Knee Pad Media? in the hell are we going to rid ourselves of all those morons?



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