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Incoherent Posturing On Contraception

By The Reverend Published: February 13, 2012

As I understand the Obama White House contraception "compromise", Catholic employers would pay for health insurance for employees, insurance which covers contraception without a co-pay, but wouldn't have to deal with any contraception paperwork directly. Instead, the insurance company providing the healthcare payments to medical providers for employees, would deal directly with employees who need contraception.

Because the dispute over contraception availability in ObamaCare has nothing to do with the 1st amendment, "conscience" provisions, or forcing religionists to buy or use contraception.....Obama didn't really offer a "compromise".....because one was not needed. Obama simply adjusted the paper trail, so certain Catholic Bishops wouldn't, you know, feel dirty about what Catholic employers have already been doing for years.

Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., has called Obama's revised plan an "accounting gimmick."

Because that's what it is. No compromise from the White House was necessary in this case....because what Obama is implementing on contraception and insurance is already being practiced by Catholic employers in 28 states.

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley on CNN...

O’Malley.....noted Sunday that 28 states already enforce such a policy.

“This is not about abortion, it's about covering contraception as part of the health care coverage - mandatory basic coverage,” O’Malley told CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley.

He noted some European states with high Catholic populations have also mandated the coverage.

“These same rules apply in countries like Italy, which have overwhelming numbers of Catholics, and yet we did not see the reaction in those countries to these sorts of things,” he said.

Catholic universities and medical facilities in 28 states already provide contraception coverage in the health coverage packages provided to their employees. Furthermore, according to the White House's Jay Carney,....

One important point to make as we have this discussion is that 28 states already require insurance companies to provide contraceptive services. Eight states, as I noted in the past, provide no exemption, not even the exemption that the—the policy announced by Secretary Sebelius provides for churches and houses of worship.

Think about that. In 8 states, even Catholic churches or houses of worship employers. who only employ Catholics, are mandated to provide insurance to all their employees, insurance which covers contraception.

Why then are the Oh-So-Holy Bishops raising unholy hell over what President Obama is mandating concerning contraception in the new Affordable Care Act? Hypocrisy comes to mind. Political preening in a general election year....comes to mind. But "violating Catholic consciences".......that doesn't come to mind....otherwise Bishop consciences would have been oh-so-violated long, long ago over being forced to comply with state government laws over contraception provisions which are identical to the one Obama has mandated.

Furthermore.....if the American Bishops "consciences" are so tender and sensitive....then why, pray tell, did Bishops not raise the roof with loud whining and complaining over the 8 state laws which even require places of worship to offer contraception to their Catholic-only employees? Places of employment where all employees are Catholic....places of employment which Obama's national mandate excludes from contraception compliance? feigned-argument over contraception being provided in ObamaCare has nothing to do with the 1st amendment, or alleged conscience rights, or infringing on religious liberty....none of that. Catholic Leaders have already been complying, quietly, in 28 states with state-ordered contraception provision mandates in health coverage for employees. Under Obama's new mandate, no Catholic is forced to buy or use any form of contraception.....just as is the case in 28 states already where Catholic Bishops, without any fanfare or hand wringing, are quietly obeying Ceasar.

So what gives? What's all this contraception and conscience noise really about?

2012 is a general election year.

That's the answer.

The Catholic Bishops in America do not like Barack Obama much and are looking to do political damage to him in an ever-more-favorable-for-Obama's-re-election environment. The GOP presidential candidates are....well.....not very inspiring. The economy is recovering slowly, Obama's favorable numbers are improving and the prospects of a Republican candidate beating Obama in November are circling the bowl.

In this contraception faux-debate, Republicans, with their Bishop Buds at their side, are desperately reaching for something to hold on to as their November political hopes evaporate right before their very eyes.

Contrary to what GOP congressional numbskulls tell you....the contraception discussion doesn't even rise to tempest-in-a-teapot levels. The Reverend is tempted to say that it doesn't rise to pissant levels.

Regardless, that won't stop the posing, the playacting, or the pitiful political pageantry by those intent on making Obama a one term president.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, right on schedule, rushed to the Sunday morning gasbag programs to voice his outrage....

"It's riddled with constitutional problems," McConnell said of Obama's broader health-care plan. "And this is what happens when the government tries to take over health care and tries to interfere with your religious beliefs."

The GOP's very-sober...and brand new national frontrunner....

"There's no compromise here," said GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, a Catholic and favorite among religious conservatives. "They are forcing religious organizations, either directly or indirectly, to pay for something that they find is a deeply, morally, you know, wrong thing. And this is not what the government should be doing."

None of what these two winger ringers says is true....but with only the culture card left in the rotted bag of conservative tricks.....they gots nowhere else to go.



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