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Infiltrating The Crazy

By The Reverend Published: April 14, 2010

Tomorrow is Tax Day, April 15th.....and so that means it's time for more wild and wacky Tea Party revelry. Tea Party events are being planned for cities all across the country. The Kenyan-socialist, U.S. President Barack Obama, is still president.....and that means the Tea Party folks are still mad as hell.

It's kind of like when John Elway almost single-handedly defeated the Cleveland Browns back in the day. Browns fans hated Elway from that moment forward. Sore loserdom is a difficult emotional pill to simply swallow. Tea Partyers are still trying to choke the 2008 election down.

First the mandatory disclaimer: The Tea Party sore losers have every right to stage protests of collective sore loserdom anywhere in the U.S. The John Birch Society still exists in this country....variations of the communist party exist and meet freely in the good ole' USA....why not another group of fringers? The Tea Party people have every right to stage teevee and photo ops of sore loserdom protest. And they have every right to hold signs that...I don't know.....could be interpreted as threats of violence.....

All that matters is that Dick Armey of FreedomWorks, a public relations group representing wealthy corporate interests, has successfully co-opted the Tea Party sore loserdom folks to be his props in some Machiavellian stage act feigning patriotism.

However, there are some new developments to discuss concerning the Tea Party front of the ongoing political cold war in America.....

An Oregon technology consultant, (Jason) Levin is the leader of Crash The Tea Party, a plan to take down the tea party from the inside.

Do tell...

Levin's group of protesters plan to get in the heads of tea partiers at the Tax Day Tea Parties nationwide Thursday and manipulate them right out of relevance. They'll dress like tea partiers, talk like tea partiers and carry signs like tea partiers. In fact, according to Levin they'll be completely indistinguishable from tea partiers, except for one thing -- they won't be out-crazied by anyone.

"Our goal is that whenever a tea partier says 'Barack Obama was not born in America,' we're going be right right there next to them saying, 'yeah, in fact he wasn't born on Earth! He's an alien!" Levin explained.

How extensive will this counterfeit Tea Party infiltration be tomorrow?

Levin said he has 66 member groups (and growing) across the country planning to fan out at tea party gatherings on Thursday.

How the corporate lackeys sponsoring the Tea Party movement will deal with this counter-insurgency.....Dave Weigel reports....

Brendan Steinhauser of FreedomWorks, who's deep in the planning stages for Thursday's rallies, tells me that CrashtheTeaParty activists validate their arguments while creating an organizational headache.

"We have a strategy to deal with them and a strategy to identify them," said Steinhauser. "Anyone who has a racist sign or an offensive sign, we'll ask them to put it down or leave. Under no circumstances are we going to allow the Lyndon LaRouche people to hand out their little signs comparing Obama to Hitler. We're going to film everything -- here's how it happened, how it went down." That last lesson, he said, was learned in the aftermath of the March 20 and 21 health-care rallies on the hill.

Now, some readers may think that the liberal Reverend is pleased-as-punch about these Tea Party imposters infiltrating the FreedomWorks-organized-protests-for-the-sake-of-America's-wealthy. Au contraire. The young Jason Levin, the organizer of "Crash the Tea Party" is making a big mistake.

First....the Tea Baggers are doing just fine self-destructing all on their lonesome. Yes, corrupt, compromised Village Knee Pad Media will continue to rush their teevee cameras into position at the slightest mention of a sore-loserdom conservative protest of the black President Obama. Yes, that will continue.....just as the Village assh*les continue to give ample coverage of 1/2 term governor-turned-millionaire, Sarah Palin's every Tweet and Facebook posting.

However, if you've been paying attention the past year.....the true sore-loserdom infused, bitter and hateful mindset of the Bagger movement has become very apparent.....particularly in the racist, homophobic, xenophobic and spit-on-the-black-guy-phobic display over the passage of health care reform. Not pretty.

Additionally, the more Tea Bagger exploiters, like Palin and Bachmann, say whacky, zany, but mostly ignorant, statements on the teevee....the more that the American public is turned off by the stupid. You know, the stupid burns.

Secondly....and much more importantly, infiltrating these nutty protests of sore losers will, without doubt, lead to violent spectacles. The sore loser right is just begging for an excuse to go ape-sh*t. Remember the oh-so-Christian treatment by Tea Baggers of the Ohio man with Parkinsons?

If there are any scuffles, fighting, calling in of the police, or violent activity at any TeaBagger events tomorrow....the corrupt Knee Pad Media will most assuredly place the blame on "progressive infiltrators." The critical spotlight of the Village Media, yet to really be placed on the sore loser Tea Partyers, will quickly be focused on those mean and conniving liberals.

Jason Levin is making a big mistake with his Crash The Tea Party plans.



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