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Innocent Fist-Bumping? You Decide.

By The Reverend Published: September 26, 2010

Sure, at first we thought it was cute and innocent. Barack Hussein Obama fist-bumping with the young boy in this photo. But we didn't know then what we still don't know now......was it really only a fist bump, or was it, in fact, an early warning sign of Obama's secret intention to impose sharia law in America?

You see the black security guard in the picture? What is he really doing and where is he taking the boy? Can anyone answer that question? And why is he wearing those very dark sunglasses? Is the security guy trying to hide his identity like a terrorist would do?

Furthermore, don't you think the little boy has an unusually fair complexion? Do you think that was just happenstance? Or isn't it more likely that the Manchurian Obama hand selected the blond, fair skinned young fellow to be his poster child for imposing sharia? I mean, what else could possibly explain a black president and a suspicious-sunglasses-wearing black security guy detaining a young white blond kid while that same black president initiates the boy into the Muslim Brotherhood with the prophetic sign of the fist bump?

But American liberals, like me, missed these very early warning signs. It could be explained away, I suppose, by our Bush Derangement Syndrome, which, undoubtedly, clouded the obvious. We were mesmerized by the slick-tongued Kenyan anti-colonialist. We never took seriously the claims from patriotic American conservatives that Obama's true birthplace was actually Krypton instead of the pseudo American state often referred to as Hawaii.

In hindsight, we should have seen it coming. Deception and evil is often couched in innocent, heart warming, yet, devilishly orchestrated scenes of familial this highly misleading and sinister shot.....

Progressives saw what they wanted to see when Barack and Michelle bumped fists. We saw a husband and wife comfortable in themselves and with one another, simply acting spontaneously.....but we should have known better. What the Obama's (if that really is who they are) were that patriots like the surgically-intelligent Glenn Beck and the human-benchmark of Christian morality, Newt Gingrich, have brushed the scales from our eyes....was fooling us lemmings into thinking they were as American as.....well.....these guys....

Isn't that exactly how the terrorists behave? They try to, you know, blend in with the locals to maintain their anonymity. Surely, the Bourne Identity-like Obamas knew that it simply didn't get any more American than Derek Jeter and Major League Baseball. See, that's just how the 19, 9-11 hijackers acted too. The hijackers tried to blend in before they hit us....went to strip clubs, drank know, the typical American pastimes.

How could we not have seen it? Why couldn't we have been more alert to all the numerous warning signs? Why wasn't our progressive hair on coin a phrase?

In short order, the One we'd been waiting for was spreading his jihad club membership oath everywhere.....

I'm cetainly glad that my eyes are now fully open. Why? Because, now, it's easy to see what Obama was really doing in the above picture. One can almost hear the jihad oath being administered to the unknowing, yet still smiling, young woman. And take's a white woman. That, in itself, is very suspicious.

What can be done? Should progressives follow the lead of our most loyal and faithful national patriots? Should we start an astroturf-grassroots movement.....a new Dick Army, so to reclaim our nation from the Kenyan anti-colonialist, fist-bumping jihadist club Initiator-in Chief?

Alas, I fear it may be too little Tea, and much too late. Just look at how far the disease has spread.....

Man-o-Manochevitz......the entire White House is now infected with the sign of the enemy. Just look at Joe Biden. You can tell me that Biden's facial look is just natural, nothing unusual to see, but, now, I know better. I can see the glazed-over-eyes look that can only be explained by jihadist club hynotism. It's the same look we've seen in the eyes of Khalid Sheik Mohammed. You don't suppose the Manchurian Obama waterboarded Biden until he caved in to taking the jihadist oath, do you?

And what can be said about Valerie Jarrett? Why would she be smiling like that if she wasn't witnessing our American Vice-President's capitulation to all things Bin Laden? That's the knowing smile of a clandestine enemy if I've ever seen one.

Honestly, how can people not see it?



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