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Insane Train Rolls On

By The Reverend Published: November 29, 2011

There were many on the conservative side who berated President Obama when he refused to make public his long form birth certificate from Hawaii. Obama, from the beginning, had made his short form Hawaiian birth certificate public for all to see. But Obama is black and has a funny name for a U.S. politician...and he calls himself a the short form birth certificate was not enough for those on the right who really, really didn't want Obama elected president.

The short form birth certificate is all the state of Hawaii requires for legal transactions, etc....but not enough for those in America who are not particularly fond of minorities and who really, really, dislike the Democratic Party. Many on the right claimed that they didn't actually believe Obama was an illegal immigrant...a total imposter. But they argued that it was up to Obama to "clear the air"....even though no other president has ever had to produce a birth certificate, and even though newspaper announcements of Obama's Hawaiian birth were available to all who doubted his citizenship.

That totally bogus "debate" went on for just slightly over two full years. And then earlier this year Donald Trump became the revivalist for far right haters of minorities and disgustingly claiming repeatedly that Obama was, in fact, not a U.S. citizen.

President Obama, ever the conciliator, then released his long form certificate of live birth in the hopes that that would quell the birth certificate hysteria. Indeed, some on the right consequently dropped their smarmy, disingenuous complaints over Obama's birth certificate and concluded the issue settled.

But haters are haters. And so up in New Hampshire today, we have this.....

In a mostly overlooked episode earlier this month, the so-called “Birther Queen” Orly Taitz appeared before the New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission to call for the removal of President Obama from the state’s presidential ballot. Taitz, the Soviet-born lawyer-dentist-real estate agent, has been on a multi-year mission to prove Obama is secretly Kenyan, and no amount of evidence will dissuade her. But she’s not alone – nine members of the NH state house signed on to her complaint.

Taitz is a total nut. But that's not the point here. "...nine members of the NH state house signed on to her complaint.." That's the point. Why would nine, apparently sane, New Hampshire state representatives sign on to a complaint which states that Obama is not a U.S. citizen?

I think the answer has already been produced by Senate Minority Leader, Republican Mitch McConnell (R-KY). McConnell has famously stated that making Obama a one term president is the Republican Party's number one goal. If New Hampshire elected Republicans can keep Obama off the ballot in the state, then they will be one step closer to accomplishing McConnell's number one priority for the GOP.

When the complaint was unanimously dismissed, audience members shouted “traitors” and Rep. Accornero went ballistic and stormed out while calling out to the commission: “Why don’t you rip up the Constitution and throw it out?” “You all should be accused of treason, and we’ll get people to do that,” he jeered.

These Republican representatives talked, and even acted at times, like the nutty, hysterical TownHall Buster-Uppers from the 2009 Conservative Clown Circus.

Go here to see the videos and find out more information.

In the 90's, empirical evidence, factual information and eyewitness testimony didn't deter Republican operatives from endlessly smearing Bill Clinton. Hillary committed murder and Bill ran drugs while he was president, according to the Orly Taitzs and Donald Trumps of the 90's. In President Obama, Republican operatives have a Democratic target to smear and discredit who is not only a Democrat, but also black and with an odd sounding name.

From shameless people like Taitz and Trump, I expect wild and crazy nonsense like the Birther stupidity. Publicity whores are publicity whores, they can't help themselves. But tell me, why would apparently normal, non-celebrity Republicans in New Hampshire jump on the insane train? What sense does any of that make?

But then...what sense does it make that the GOP frontrunner is now a guy who claimed that an author's notion that Obama followed a "Kenyan anti-colonial" worldview....was a "stunning insight."



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