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Insisting He Didn't Misspeak

By The Reverend Published: September 18, 2008

During the campaign this year, John McCain has stated on 22 occasions that the "fundamentals of our economy are strong". That phrase, the same one George W. Bush has used repeatedly, is, obviously, a Republican talking point.

The fundamentals of our economy,.....and I confess I'm no economist but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once,......traditionally, have been described as including the worth of the dollar, the unemployment rate, foreign trade balance, inflation, the stock market, new jobs created, and so forth. Big time money people, not The Reverend, study these fundamentals as they make their big time money decisions.

John McCain knows that the fundamentals of our economy are those things I listed. He knows that. However, as politicans often do, and especially "on message" Republicans, they often blurt out a talking point out of pure habit. Understandable, really.

However, that's not the real problem with this "fundamentals are strong" gaffe. The problem for the GOP candidates is in what happened after McCain slipped-up and reverted to that trite GOP talking point.

First...the gaffe itself...

Everybody makes mistakes, gaffes....but when McCain does, he, like George W. Bush, makes the gaffe even worse by insisting that what he said was, indeed, correct.....even if it means making up a brand new definition for what "economic fundamentals" means....

And what's worse here....along with many McCain surrogates, on message, naturally.....Sarah Palin, also, jumps right onto the Republican talking point machine and continues to defend a completely ridiculous mistake....

How often have Americans witnessed this same old song and dance in the last 8 years?

Instead of McCain giving Americans a little "straight talk" about his misstatement, he insists that his brand new definition of the "fundamentals of our economy" is the correct and proper one.

This "fundamentals" thing was a simple mistake, an ill-advised insertion of a familiar talking point at the worst possible time, politically speaking. Rather than simply admit that was the case....therefore ending any more damage....the entire Republican propaganda machine, including McCain and Palin, insist on repeating, foolishly, the notion that the fundamentals of our economy are the American workers and the innovation of the American people.

Republicans never admit making a mistake, ever. Even if the mistake is a simple slip of the tongue, an honest mistake. The last 8 years have brought us more than enough examples of this type of denial and re-creation of reality for self-defense reasons when mistakes were made.

This simple incident speaks volumes about how McCain-Palin would lead our country. They both have demonstrated that rather than give "straight talk" to us when obvious mistakes are made....they're willing to say anything, even redefine words and phrases, to cover their mistakes up. They're willing to make up their own reality and swear to it.

That's a relatively accurate description of the last 8 years under the Terror Twins.



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