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Invading Other Nations

By The Reverend Published: August 14, 2008

John McCain...."In the 21st century, nations don’t invade other nations."

We're only 8 years into the 21st century. Not that much history to remember, even for a 72 year old cancer victim like McCain. A little over 5 years ago, John McCain and a host of other neo-cons, joined by the uninformed and the duped.....voted to invade another nation.

So....I have no idea what McCain was talking about here. Anyone else understand this?

Of course nations invade other nations in the 21st century.....and America leads the way in doing just that. In the 21st century, according to, you know, the Project for the New American Century, whose thinking Johnny Mac agrees with, that's exactly what America does and will continue to do...."invade other nations."

Perhaps McCain missed his medications. Perhaps he is just befuddled in the head. Perhaps he doesn't speak for his campaign....I mean, after all....he's only the candidate.

What's even more interesting....and coupling what McCain says here about the 21st century with his own "there will be more wars" comment a few months ago.

I think I understand McCain's incomprehensible 21st century comment. What John means is that "other" nations don't invade nations in the 21st century. Why? Because that's America's job now. To invade and occupy other nations.....especially if they have lots and lots of oil.

The Soviet Union collapsed under it's own weight back in the late 80's and now there is, allegedly, only one 'superpower' Radical anti-American conservatives saw the fall of the Soviets as an opportunity for America to flex it's muscles and take what it needs for the 'new century'. The middle east was and is the first region targeted by these neo-con extremists. Their plan was to invade other nations in the 21st century, especially middle eastern nations.

So when the ole' maverick man says stuff like "nations don't invade other nations in the 21st century", Mr. McCain is not including the United States in with the word "nations". We're not like other nations. We're THE nation.....the good and exceptional nation who only invades other nations in the 21st century if those nations pose no threat to America and have the gall to have placed all that sand overtop all that oil that needs 'liberated'.

That's what the "straight, but a bit confused, talker" was getting at. Bush has had his numerous imbecilic outbursts, and Bush couldn't even lead the proverbial horse to water. Now, the GOP is offering up a muddled and erratic old white guy who can't even state the rogue Republican Party's platform correctly.

I expect that McCain's campaign, which speaks for the candidate and not the other way around, will issue a correction on Johnny Mac's statement.

"Words from the candidate do not necessarily reflect the views of the campaign nor the Republican Party. Furthermore, recently, the candidate has stated that, "in the 21st century, nations don't invade other nations." The campaign wants to correct any misimpressions about the candidate's words. John McCain, and the Republican Party, have long believed in invading other countries.....because other nations have assets and stuff America wants and needs. Because America is an exceptional nation....John McCain was not including America in with all the other 21st century "nations". Proudly, the campaign and the GOP, are now restating our policy concerning other nations....."

"America invades other nations in the 21st century, as required. No other nation can invade any other nation in the 21st century. America is the only nation who can be trusted to invade other countries and do it from a pure-as-snow motivation. While we agree and stand behind the words of Senator McCain that there will be "more wars".....those wars must only be started and carried out by the United States. We hope this explanation clarifies the campaign's, and the Republican Party's, position on invading other nations."



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